Henderson County, Kentucky Landmarks

Netta's History of the Union Station Depot


Henderson and Her Improvements in the Last Ten Years
Henderson Reporter,February 26, 1880

Union Station Redecorated
The Gleaner-Journal, October 7, 1928

Passenger Train Jumped The Track
Henderson Twice-A-Week Gleaner, Friday, January 3, 1908

Death Takes W. H. Courtenay
L&N Employe's Magazine, April 1934

L & N Has Made Change For Better Train Service
Henderson Twice-A-Week Gleaner, January 14, 1908

Two of A Kind
The L&N Employes' Magazine, March 1938

Trains Delayed By Wreck On “Texas”
Henderson Twice-A-Week Gleaner, January 17, 1908

Widely Known Gateman Dies
L&N Employe's Magazine, April 1938

Dixie Flyer Will Take The Henderson Mail
Henderson Daily Gleaner, January 21, 1908

Union Station in Henderson comes to life again
The Evansville Courier, Sunday, July 29, 1990

Local Grain Dealers Sue L&N and I.C. for Sum of $46,000 in Damages
The Henderson Daily Gleaner, January 31, 1908

Henderson Depot to Show New Face at Open House
The Gleaner, September 19, 1990

Miss Applegate Is Run Down By L&N Train
The Gleaner, February 15, 1908

Drainage basin may have sunk depot project
The Gleaner, Friday, January 19, 2001

Drew Big Razor On Ticket Agent At Union Station
Henderson Daily Gleaner, April 7, 1908

Depot's loss may be Riverwalk's gain
The Gleaner, Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Five New Tracks To Be Put In The L&N Yard
Henderson Daily Gleaner, April 7, 1908
Project of Passion
The Gleaner, June 11, 1997

Patrick Flaherty Struck By I. C. Train; Loses Left Foot
Henderson Daily Gleaner, April 24, 1908

Saving A Piece of History
The Gleaner, October 26, 1997

Civic Society Wants Park Near Union Station
Henderson Twice-A-Week Gleaner, Tuesday, April 28, 1908

Depot Full of Memories by Elaine Carrie
The Gleaner, November 8, 1997
Henderson Union Station Has Interesting History
Gleaner-Journal, Sunday, December 17, 1922
Depot Brings Back Family Memories
The Gleaner, November 15, 1997

Day Wins Diamond Buttons
L&N Employe's Magazine, Sept Issue 1926

Henderson Employees Hold Annual Barbeque
L&N Employes' Magazine, October 1926

Contributed by Netta Mullin, HCH&GS
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