L & N Has Made Change For Better Train Service

Long desired changes of times in the passenger train service on the Louisville & Nashville will go into effect today and the business interests of Henderson and the convenience of the traveling public will be greatly enhanced. The Dixie Flyer will make all local stops between Henderson and Guthrie, leaving this city for the south at 7:17 a.m. and the local which left Henderson at 8:30 will be dropped.

At 5:16 p.m. the Morganfield accommodation will leave for points south of this city, giving persons who heretofore were compelled to leave this city at 1:30 will now have the entire day in the city. People from the Robards neighborhood were formerly compelled to either drive to the city or leave in the middle of the day. The Dixie Flyer will arrive here from the south at 8:12 in the evening.

The change in the schedule is want the Gleaner has been urging for some time, for it puts the Daily Gleaner into Sebree, Slaughtersville, Hanson and Madisonville in time for it to be sent out on the rural routes on the same day it is published, thereby giving the people Kentucky news before any other Kentucky daily reaches them.

The Morganfield accommodation train will arrive in this city at 10:31 a.m.

The Dixie Flyer will make connections with a local train running between Madisonville and Morganfield.

These changes are a boon to the city of Henderson and it is considered that it will be the best service ever given on this division of the Louisville & Nashville lines.

enderson Twice-A-Week Gleaner
January 14, 1908

Reprinted with Permission

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