Drew Big Razor On Ticket Agent At Union Station
(from Saturday's Daily)

Armed with a dangerous looking razor R. E. Finney, a lineman carrying a Western Union Telegraph card and railroad passes on various roads, entered the ticket office at the Union Station last night at 9 o'clock and threatened to kill Charles Genische, night ticket agen, according to charges preferred by the agent.

Officers Manion and Posey arrested Finney and took him to police headquarters where he gave a cash bond of fifty dollars.

Finney is said to have acted very peculiarly. He was not intoxicated much, if any, and the authorities are at a loss to understand his strange conduct.

Genische is said to have had no motive for provoking any trouble and he, like the officers, could not understand why he was threatened in such a manner.

Henderson Daily Gleaner
April 7, 1908
Reprinted with Permission

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