An excellent example of “parallel lives” is illustrated by the brothers RENFRO of Hart County, Kentucky, Birmingham, Alabama and Evansville, Indiana, the last named being their present place of residence. Both brothers are conductors on the Old Reliable's Evansville Division and both recently received 35-year buttons. Their careers coincide at more points than those just mentioned, however, as shall presently be shown.

E. W. and L. V. RENFRO, the gentlemen mentioned, were born in Hart County, Kentucky near Munfordville. When they were young lads their father moved to Bowling Green, where both entered newspaper service, learning the printer's trade. Early in 1902, E. W. RENFRO went to Birmingham and secured employment with the Old Reliable as seal clerk, later transferring to Bessemer as record clerk. L. V. RENFRO followed his brother southward soon afterwards and on May 8, 1902, accepted a position as caller at Bessemer. Shortly thereafter both brothers transferred to switching in the yards at Bessemer and were both promoted to yard conductors at the same time.

E. W. RENFRO transferred to the Henderson Division on October 6, 1904, as brakeman and it was only natural that L. V. RENFRO should follow him, with the result that October 20, 1904, saw the latter performing his first day's work as breakman on the Henderson Division. Both brothers were promoted to conductors on October 20, 1906, and simultaneous with such promotion both joined the Order of Railway Conductors. Both entered the emergency passenger conductors' pool at the same time, nor does such “parallelism” stop with their service records. Both are happily married, live within one block of each other in Evansville and both have two children, a boy and a girl each. E. W. RENFRO, however, is a proud grandfather and L. V. RENFRO isn't, which is just about the only dissimilarity.

The L&N Employes' Magazine, March 1938

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