Originator and Author of Mother's Day

Mary Towles Sasseen


How The Observance Of Mother's Day Originated
Springfield (Ohio) Daily News, April 1912

Earliest Advocate of Mother's Day
Evansville Courier & Journal, May 9, 1926

Glenn Positive Miss Sasseen the Founder of Mothers' Day
Henderson Gleaner, April 19, 1912

Kentucky State Journal
Senate Joint Resolution No. 24
Regular 1926, Session, Vol. II

Mothers' Day Plans Complete
The Henderson Gleaner, May 7, 1921

Mother's Day, How Originated & What It Means
Madisonville Daily Messenger, June 7, 1927

Marker is Erected to Mary Sasseen
Evansville Courier & Journal, May 9, 1921

Julia Alves Clore's Notorized Statement
May 29, 1931

To Seek National Honor For Mary Towles Sasseen 
Evansville Courier & Journal, September 2, 1923

Kentucky Woman Originated Idea of Mother's Day 
St. Petersburg, Florida, May 7, 1932

Proceedings of the Kentucky State Federation of Labor
Resolution No. 26
Nineteenth Annual Convention, Held at Frankfort, Kentucky
September 10, 11, 12, 1923

Mother's Day Feature by Reuben Greene
Milwaukee Journal magazine section, May 10, 1932

E.S. Clark Affidavit
December 11, 1923

Who Originated Mother's Day?
Milwaukee Journal, April 4, 1934

Letter from Phelps Sasseen (Jr.)
December 31, 1923

Mother's Day Laurels
Miami Daily News, May 12, 1935

Mother's Day Originated in Henderson, Ky
Illinois Central Magazine, May 1924

First Mother's Day
Bicentennial Edition, The Gleaner, March 28, 1992

Mary Towles Sasseen Recognized
The Gleaner, 1926

Congressional Record, 2004

Local Historian Honored
The Gleaner, March 26, 2005





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