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Mary Towles Sasseen


Mary Towles SASSEEN, a Henderson woman, was recognized by the Kentucky general assembly yesterday as the originator of the observance of Mother's Day.

Telegram to this effect was received by Mrs. Harry THIXTON, who has worked in behalf of the resolution for several years, from her brother, Edward Craig WALKER, state senator from the twentieth district, who offered the resolution to the assembly and secured its passage.

This marked the second bit of legislation which the Henderson Women's Club has sponsored, the first being the selection of the Kentucky Cardinal as the state bird.

Mrs. THIXTON was enthusiastic last night over recognition given Mary Towles SASSEEN, which sets at rest claims of other persons regarding origin of the Mother's Day idea.

The resolution introduced by Senator WALKER follows:

“Whereas, the Henderson Woman's Club, through its president, Mrs. Lillian Walker THIXTON, has passed a resolution requesting this general assembly to recognize Miss Mary Towles SASSEEN as originator of the idea of Mother's Day celebration, and

“Whereas, Mary Towles SASSEEN, who was born and reared and was for many years a teacher in the public schools of Henderson, Kentucky, afterward marrying Judge Marshall WILSON of Florida, observed Mother's Day celebration in the public schools of Henderson as early as 1887, and earnestly labored in Kentucky and other states to have said observance to become general, and

“Whereas, said Mary Towles SASSEEN was the originator of the idea of Mother's Day celebration.

“Therefore, be it resolved, by the general assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that the people of Kentucky, through their chosen representatives in the general assembly, hereby acclaim Mary Towles SASSEEN as originator of the idea of the celebrations of Mother's Day, and

“Be it further resolved, that full credit should be given to said Mary Towles SASSEEN for her splendid work in attempting to bring to the minds of children everywhere the full admiration, respect, and love due our mothers.”


Article found in the Society files, 23 Feb 1926



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