Henderson County, Kentucky

Research Tips

  • When searching for that Grandmother and her name is SALLY, don't forget to look for Sarah. Or, NANCY, which is also Ann(e). Or, MARGARET, which is also Maggie or Peggy. Or MARTHA, which is also Mattie. Or MARY, which is also Polly
  • Can't find a will? Try the COURT ORDER RECORDS, they may list a month and year of the deceased, even if he only had a few possessions. Also, the INVENTORY and APPRAISAL BOOKS, they may list the sale of a small estate and maybe a wife or other relative. Sometimes that is where you will find a division of an estate, naming all children and or relatives.
  • Don't know the year to look for a death in the Court Records? Try the TAX RECORDS, if they only had a horse, they were taxed. Keep looking until they don't show up anymore. That should give you a good frame of time in which to look.
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