Henderson County Volunteer Lookups

Note: The lookup service is performed by volunteers in association with The Henderson County Historical and Genealogical Society as a courtesy to researchers and is free of charge. The lookups will be done as time permits so please be patient. The Henderson County Historical and Genealogical Society is able to exist by membership dues and book sales. Please remember as they help you that you can help them by becoming a member or by purchasing books that contain information on your family.

Additional sources may be found at the Henderson County Rootsweb Mailing List.

Guidelines for sending requests:

~Please specify the race of your ancestor.
Please only 1 name per request (unless it is a marriage records lookup).
~Please specify ONE publication for look up per name.
~Be Specific. Please do not ask for everyone listed under one surname, etc.
~For census or cemetery records, please give a date range for the person.
~Please allow ample time for replies. If you send a second request, please be sure and note it on the subject line of your email.
~If you are wanting a copy of any document, please furnish your mailing address in your email so that the person handling your request can contact you if the document is found.

Please note that copy requests constitute a "research" and a small fee is involved.

Click here for a list of publications and emails for volunteers.
Copyright 2002 Leigh Ann Boucher/Netta Mullin, HCH&GS