Ancestors of Marius Manning Kimmel

Generation No. 6

32. Johann Michael (Kummell) Kimmel, born October 01, 1662 in Alsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died August 23, 1734 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany. He was the son of 64. Hans Konrad (Kummell) Kimmel and 65. Anna Marie Knebel . He married 33. Anna Margaretha Souter November 1689 in Pfalz, Bayern, Hessen, Germany.

33. Anna Margaretha Souter, born May 21, 1663 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died July 21, 1728 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany.

Notes for Johann Michael (Kummell) Kimmel:
An ancient family of Frankfort on the Main, Member of the Guild, one
member sat in Parliament 1701. He was a mercenary soldier in Poland
in his younger days and later a Judge at Gimbsheim and is known as
"Stammvater des Amerikaner Stamms", Father of the American family.
Michael's children surname was changed to Kimmel after immigrating to

He had sons and two daughters. Three of the sons came to America. The
first two Valentine and Jacob came with their families in 1751 landing at
Philadelphia, Pa. Valentine settled on a farm at Red Run, a branch of the
Bermudian Creek, in York Co., Pa. about four miles North of East Berlin,
Adams Co. Jacob went to Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa. The third son Philip
brought his six sons and followed in 1755 landing a t Alexandria, Va.
When Philip and his sons arrived they found that General Edward Braddock
and Colonel George Washington were concentrating an army there to make
an effort to drive the French out of Fort Duquesne. Colonel John Dunbar,
with the wagon train carrying supplies for this army, left Alexandria April 18,
1755. For convenience and safety Philip and his sons followed this Army as
far as Newmarket, or Frederick arriving May 1st. From there they went
North to where Valentine lived in York County. They later bought Valentine's
farm and lived there till the sons were married.

Philip died in 1777 and was buried on the farm near the barn. Philip's son
Philip married Anna Christina Henn, They moved to Somerset County, Pa.
about 1762 where they took up a large tract of land. He lived about five
miles North of Berlin and the property is still in the hands of his descendants.
Besides farming he had two stills and made whiskey, as did many other
farmers, for they had no road over which to take their grain to market.
He was the tallest of the six sons at 6ft 2in. He and Anna had eight sons
and two daughter.

Children of Johann Kimmel and Anna Souter are:

16 i. Johann Philip Kimmel, born November 1695 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died 1777 in Red Run, York Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Elizabeth Voltz June 10, 1721 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany.

ii. Elizabeth Maria Veronica Kimmel, born 1697 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died November 13, 1764 in Rhinehessen, Hesses, Germany.

iii. Johann Valentine Kimmel, born July 31, 1701 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died December 28, 1768 in Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Maria Baltzer February 08, 1723/24 in Germany; born Abt. 1705 in Hessen, Germany; died WFT Est. 1733-1801.

iv. Johann Conrad Kimmel, born April 22, 1703 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died September 13, 1735 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; married Marie Christine Muth February 06, 1724/25 in Germany; born January 13, 1703/04 in Hessen, Germany; died November 19, 1760 in Hessen, Germany.

Notes for Johann Conrad Kimmel:
Conrad did not immigrate to America with other family members.

v. Johann Jacob Kimmel, born October 14, 1705 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died November 25, 1784 in Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; married Maria Barbara Heinrich March 01, 1728/29 in Gimbsheim, Rhein, Hessen, Germany; born 1708 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died 1753 in Bermudian Creek, York Co., Pennsylvania.

Notes for Johann Jacob Kimmel:
Jacob came to America with his brother Valintine. They landed at
Philadelphia in 1751. Jacob settled in Ephrata, PA. where the
descendants of his son Jacob still reside and are of the Mennonite faith.
The other son Adam, removed to Philadelphia before the Revolutionary War
and became a contractor for supplies to Congress. (see its proceedings
for Dec 15, 1775; Mar 3, 1776; and Sept 26, 1776). He died in the winter
of 1778. His descendants are in Easton, PA and on the Eastern shore of
Maryland. He left 4 sons and 3 daughters.

A Brief History of the Early Kimmel Family
Dr. Charles A. Messner of
Buffalo, New York

Our Line of Descent:

Johann Michael Kimmel 1662-1734 and Anna Margarethe Souter 1663-1728

Johann Jacob Kimmel 1705-1784 and Maria Barbara Heinrich 1708 -1753

Adam Kimmel 1733-1778 and Barbary Miller

Joseph Kimmel 1769-1843 and Hanna Welde 1772-1851

Jacob Kimmel 1816-1901 and Eliza Brumbaugh 1821-1900

Adaline Kimmel 1857-1924 and Joseph W. Mishler 1857-1899

Maude Eliza Mishler 1882- 1955 and Simon Ebie 1876-1947

Every one of us may rightly be proud to have Kimmell blood in our veins.
The family has had an honorable record in America for almost two hundred
years, and our knowledge of them in Germany carries us back almost
another century. The name in German was Kümel or Kümmel which became
very easily in English Kimmel, spelled Kimmell by some branches of the
family. They seem to have been rather well-to-do wine-growers and
merchants in southern Germany in the upper Rhine valley. Some early
records were found in 1927 by one Rudolph Schaeffer. I have no doubt
that further search would reveal more.

The earliest Kimmel of which we have any record was Johann Michael
Kimmel, born October 1, 1662, at Alsheim, Rheinhessen, Germany. In
November, 1689, he married Anna Margarethe, the widow of John Oswald.
Her maiden name was Souter, and she was born in May, 1663. She died
July 21, 1728. She and Johann Michael Kimmel were the parents of Johann
Philip, Johann Valentine, Johann Jacob, Johann Conrad, Maria Veronica,
and some add Elizabeth. Johann Michael was a colonel in the Polish army.
He married as his second wife Anna Elizabeth, widow of Hartmann Heinrich.
She died July 5, 1733. He was for some time resident judge at Gimbsheim
and died there August 23, 1734. Joha nn Michael and Anna Margarethe
Kimmel are the ancestors of all the Kimmels in America, three of their
sons having migrated here before the American Revolution.

Johann Michael's service in the Polish army has led some to believe that
we are Polish by descent. This is a misconception. The Kimmels were
Hessians with plenty of fighting blood, and they sold their services as
mercenary soldiers to the Polish government. Both Johann Michael and his
son Johann Philip were in the Polish army and I have pictures of them in
Polish uniform.

Our ancestor Johann Jacob Kimmel was responsible for the migration of
himself and his two brothers Johann Valentine and Johann Philip to
America. He had been in correspondence with some of his countrymen who
had gone to Ephrata, Pa., near Lancaster, and founded there a religious
community of Seventh Day Baptists known as the Ephrata Cloister. On May
22, 1751, he set out from Gimbsheim with his wife and five children, his
brother Johann Valentine and family, and many of his neighbors for
Rotterdam, where he sailed on the ship St. Andrew, of which James
Abercrombie was captain, landing at Philadelphia Septem ber 14, 1751.
These two brothers and their families are the first two Kimmels known to
have set foot on American soil. The fact is recorded in the old church
records at Gimbsheim and in Rupp's "Thirty Thousand Names of German
Immigrants to Pennsylvania."

Johann Jacob Kimmel was born at Gimbsheim October 1 4, 1705. His
wife was Maria Barbara, daughter of Hartmann Heinrich. Their children
were all born in Germany.

vi. Maria Pfronika/Veronica Kimmel, born July 08, 1708 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died November 13, 1764.

34. Andreas Voltz, born April 1676; died WFT Est. 1710-1766. He married 35. Anna Elizabeth Rhein Abt. 1697 in Eich, Rheinh, Hessen, Germany.

35. Anna Elizabeth Rhein, born WFT Est. 1653-1679; died WFT Est. 1709-1770.

Children of Andreas Voltz and Anna Rhein are:

i. Anna Margaretha Voltz, born August 17, 1690; died WFT Est. 1691-1784.

ii. Johann Nicholaus Voltz, born November 06, 1700; died WFT Est. 1701-1790.

17 iii. Anna Elizabeth Voltz, born December 28, 1703 in Eich, Michelstadt, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany; died Abt. 1751 in Germany; married Johann Philip Kimmel June 10, 1721 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany.

iv. Anna Maria Voltz, born February 02, 1706/07; died WFT Est. 1708-1801.


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