Ancestors of Marius Manning Kimmel

Generation No. 5

16. Johann Philip Kimmel, born November 1695 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany; died 1777 in Red Run, York Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of 32. Johann Michael (Kummell) Kimmel and 33. Anna Margaretha Souter . He married 17. Anna Elizabeth Voltz June 10, 1721 in Gimbsheim, Palatinate, Germany.

17. Anna Elizabeth Voltz, born December 28, 1703 in Eich, Michelstadt, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany; died Abt. 1751 in Germany. She was the daughter of 34. Andreas Voltz and 35. Anna Elizabeth Rhein .

Notes for Johann Philip Kimmel:
Philip married Anna Elizabeth Voltz, daughter of Andrew Voltz of Eich, on
Jun 10, 1719 or 1721. They resided in Darmstadt and owned thirty acres of
land, most of which was vineyard, and he was considered wealthy. He
received a large estate through his wife. An epidemic spread through
Germany and he lost his wife and two daughters which sorely afflicted and
discouraged him. Shortly after this he sent his son Michael to America
to hunt up his brothers Jacob and Valentine who had come over with their
sons, Adam and Philip respectively, in 1751. Michael arrived in
Pennsylvania in the ship Edinburgh on Sept. 19, 1752. After Michael
reported back, Philip decided to go to America too. Philip and his
six sons all landed at Alexandria, Virginia in the Spring of 1755 .

At this time General Braddock and Colonel George Washington were
concentrating an army in order to make a demonstration on the French at
Ft. Duquesne. As a matter of safety and convenience they came with the
army as far as Frederick City, MD., and then turned North to reach his
brother Valentine's farm on Bermudian Creek in York County,
Pennsylvania. They probably reached the f arm about the middle of May,

They later bought Valentine's farm and lived there until the sons were
married. Since there was no woman in the family the whole concerns of
housekeeping and farming was shared by all the men. (One farming, one
cooking, one baking, one knitting and washing, etc.) Anthony was the
youngest and the last to marry. As was natural, Philip lived with
Anthony and his family until his death. He died in his 82nd year after
an illness of 17 weeks. It is said that he is buried in back of the barn.
The original KIMMELS were always represented as being tall and stately,
large formed and elegantly proportioned men.

Children of Johann Kimmel and Anna Voltz are:

i. Conrad Kimmel, born November 14, 1722 in Gimbsheim, Worms, Rhinehessen, Hesses, Germany; died 1751 in Hessen, Germany.

ii. Johann Jacob Kimmel, born August 11, 1726 in Darmstadt, Starkenberg, Hessen, Germany; died December 17, 1818; married UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.

iii. Jr. Johann Philip Kimmel, born March 02, 1727/28 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany; died April 07, 1796 in Mount Pleasent, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Christine Henn WFT Est. 1745-1778; born 1728 in Hessen, Germany; died September 07, 1791 in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.

Notes for Jr. Johann Philip Kimmel:
Philip was born in Darmstadt, Germany in 1724. In the spring of 1755, he
came to America with his father and five brothers. His mother Anna
Elizabeth VOLTZ Kimmel, and his two sisters, had died during an epidemic
in Germany. He was about 31 years old when they landed at Alexandria,
VA., then called Belle Haven. General Edward Braddock and Colonel George
Washington were concentrating an army there to make an effort to drive
the French out of Fort Duquesne. On April 18, 1755, Colonel Dunbar left
Alexandria with the 48th Royal Foot Infantry and a wagon train carrying
supplies. For convenience and safety Philip and his father and brothers
followed the army as far as Frederick City, MD, and then from there went
North to where his uncle, Valentine Kimmel, lived on a farm on Red Run, a
branch of the Bermudan Creek in York County, PA, about four miles North
of East Berlin, Adam County, PA.

Philip's father and he and his brothers eventually bought Valentine's
farm and all lived there until all the brothers were married. (Philip
probably married while living here shortly after his arrival.) He was
married to Anna Christina HENN. Philip and his family moved to Antrim
Township, Franklin County, where they lived for only a short time.
They moved to Somerset County, PA, about 1762. He had a large tract of
land, some of which he resold. He lived about five miles North of Berlin,
PA, in what became part of Quemohoning Township and later also part of
Stony Creek Township. Besides farming, he had two stills and made
whiskey, as did many other farmers, as there were no roads over which to
take their grain to market. They would carry the whiskey by pack horses
on the trail east, back across the Alleghenies Mountains, and trade for
salt and other necessary sup plies. His whiskey making caused some
problems with the church members and he was active in the Pennsylvania
Insurrection against the taxation on whiskey.

In 1762, he and his wife were listed as two of the first seventeen
members of the Stoneycreek German Baptist or Tunker Church organized by
Elder George Adam Martin. Philip was elected to the ministry in 1764,
when Elder Martin went to live with his sons in Westmoreland country.
Brother Kimmel had gotten his training from the Germantown school in
Landcaster County from Ludwig Hoecke, before moving west. The services
were held in Philip's home until 1770, w hen a meeting house was built
near Henry Roth's grist mill.

This area of the country was, at the time of Philip and his family's
arrival, a wilderness frontier. The area was teeming with Indians, which
for the most part, at first, were friendly, and some trading with the
settlers occurred. The biggest problem was the wild animals which would
prey on the domestic livestock. Philip raised cattle, hogs, and sheep.
The wolves, bears, and cougars would kill and carry the young off, so it
was the custom for the farmers to butcher and eat the newborn livestock
and let the adult animals alone to breed more. The mature farm animals
could generally fend for themselves against their wild neighbors and
there are several reports where they even actually killed the predator.
Philip made pottery with his neighbors, James and Henry Black. The
remain s of the old pottery kiln was still evident on the corner of the
original tract in the early 1960"s.

During Pontiac's War and, following that, the years of the nation's
revolution, the Indians became a severe problem in the area. The
German Baptist was against killing of their fellow man and would often
die rather than defend himself or his family when attacked. The menace
finally became so bad that even some of the Baptists and Mennonites in
the valley joined with the local militia company for the protection of
the community against the Indian raiding parties. At least one of
Philip's sons, Jacob, joined such a unit. There is no record of Philip's

iv. Johann Nicholaus Kimmel, born September 19, 1728 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany; died 1804 in Stoyestown, Somerset, Co., Pennsylvania; married Susanna Weber 1758; born January 23, 1741/42; died WFT Est. 1749-1828.

v. Maria Christina Kimmel, born May 25, 1731 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany; died September 24, 1741 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany.

vi. Anna Maria Kimmel, born July 24, 1732 in Darmstadt, Starkenberg, Hessen, Germany; died November 30, 1746 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany.

vii. Johann Jacob Kimmel, born September 10, 1734 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany; died December 09, 1818 in East Berlin, Adams Co., Pennsylvania; married (1) Elizabeth Ernst; born 1744; died 1804; married (2) Elizabeth Anna Henry 1805; born WFT Est. 1730-1750; died WFT Est. 1755-1834.

viii. Michael Kimmel, born March 14, 1735/36 in Darmstadt, Starkenberg, Hessen, Germany; died May 1818 in York, York Co., Pennsylvania; married Esther Julian Asper 1759 in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania; born Abt. 1743 in York, York Co., Pennsylvania; died 1815 in Pennsylvania.

ix. Anna Margaretha Kimmel, born October 18, 1738 in Darmstadt, Starkenberg, Hessen, Germany; died November 30, 1818 in Germany; married Melchoir Sauter June 05, 1747 in Wuertt, Jagstkreis, Oberboebirgen, Germany; born Abt. 1730.

8 x. Johann George Kimmel, born December 25, 1743 in Eich, Michelstadt, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany; died April 08, 1818 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; married Juliana Kelly Ruby June 13, 1768 in York, York Co., Pennsylvania.

xi. Anthony Kimmel, born March 17, 1745/46 in Bayern, Hessen, Germany; died May 17, 1817 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland; married Anna Margaret J. Myers October 17, 1782; born Abt. 1753; died 1798.

More About Anna Margaret J. Myers:
Baptism: August 19, 1753, Lower Bermudian, Adams Co., Pennsylvania


18. Caspar Ruby He married 19. Susanna Margaret Von Reudlen .

19. Susanna Margaret Von Reudlen

Child of Caspar Ruby and Susanna Von Reudlen is:

9 i. Juliana Kelly Ruby, born August 18, 1749 in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania; died June 30, 1811 in Stoystown, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania; married Johann George Kimmel June 13, 1768 in York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


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