Sunday Afternoon Rocking Series


Jan Philpot, "Author of Sunday Afternoon Rocking Series"

Jan is an excellent artist, Art teacher, Librarian, Literature Teacher, and Folk Story Teller. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, camping and fishing. She authors weekly the Sunday Afternoon Rocking Series of Essays that are published on many lists.

Sunday Afternoon Rocking columns are distributed weekly on the list Sunday Rocking. This is not a “reply to” list, and normally only one message per week will come across it, that being the column. To subscribe send email to:

Note: Sunday Afternoon Rocking messages are meant to be passed on, meant to be Shared ...simply share as written without alterations...and in it's entirety.

If planned for a publication, permission must be granted by the author. Please forward sufficient information concerning the nature and intent of the publication.



And All for the Thread A Long Chain of Wonderful
And To This Land They Came Leaving A "Mark"
As They Were Memories of Aunt Kay
Aunt Lillie A Midnight Reverie
Beneath the Surface No Accidents
A Box for Remembering Pennies
The Census Taker The Perennials Remember
Christmas Lives On The Photographs
Déjà vu The Price of Our Past
The Dumb Supper The Readers
Ears to Hear Save Everything But the Squeal
Ghost of a Chance Something No One Can Take Away
A Grandfather's Final Gift The Storyteller
The Green Worm and Other Oddities of Speech Telling the Tales
Hello Grandpa A Thought about the Generations
A Hundred Years The Wedding Band
I Once Knew a Mountain Woman Valentines Through the Generations
I Remember When What She Might Have Thought
In God we Trust When You Can Almost Touch the Day
It Takes a Heap of Living When Mama Died
The Keepers  



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