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William Henry Overby

         William Henry OVERBY, attorney at law, and a prominent Republican of Henderson, KY, was born in Henderson County, 08 Nov 1859. He is a son of William H. OVERBY and Mary Jane HICKS, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Henderson County.

         William H. OVERBY (father) came to Kentucky in 1836 and bought a farm near Zion. He was a hatter by trade and followed that occupation for a short time after coming to the state, after which he gave attention to his farming interests until his death. The last years of his life were spent in the city of Henderson, where he died on 23 Apr 1895. His widow is still living in Henderson. Bother were members of the Baptist Church and during his life he was by no means a partisan in politics, but at all times an independent voter.

         The OVERBY family is of English extraction, the first of the family America settling in Virginia. Alexander OVERY, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, came to Kentucky late in life and passed the remainder of his days near Henderson.

         William Henry OVERBY is the fourth child in a family of nine children, four of whom are still living. He received his primary education in the common schools and then took the high school course in the Henderson High School. Then after teaching for a year, he entered the Hopkins Grammar School at New Haven, CT, where he prepared for Yale University, and took the classical course in that institution. He completed his education in 1885, returned to Kentucky, and for the next two years was Principal of the Union Academy at Morganfield. He was then elected principal of the High School at Henderson and taught there for two years, when he was appointed deputy collector of United States internal revenue. After eight months in this position he was appointed Postmaster at Henderson and served four years in that capacity. In 1898 he was again appointed deputy collector of internal revenue and held that office until July 1904. Mr. OVERBY studied law while still a young man and in 1894 was admitted to the bar. Since that time he has devoted the greater part of his time to the practice of his profession. For several years he has been active in political matters and stands high in the councils of the Republican Party. In 1895 he was nominated for state senator and in 1904 he was the Republican candidate for Congress from the Second district.

         In 1887 he was married, at Franklin, Kentucky to Miss Fannie B. MOORE, a native of Todd County. Three of the children born to this marriage are living: Harry Moore; Yeamon Moore and William Henry, Jr, the first two dying in infancy. Mr. and Mrs. OVERBY are both attendants of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and take a commendable interest in its good works.

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Hazel L. Overby, born 1910, died 1910
James H. Overby, born 28 Jul 1911, died 08 Apr 1912
William Tom Overby, born 16 Feb 1889, died 29 Mar 1930
John H. Overby, born 04 Jun 1866, died 06 Sep 1916
Alny C. Overby, born 06 Dec 1849, died 13 Sep 1883
Yerby Overby, born 06 Jan 1801, died 08 May 1864
Elizabeth Overby, born 10 Sep 1802, died 1874

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William T. Overby, 18 mos, male, died 18 Jan 1858, Henderson, cause - typhoid fever. Parents - J. H. & Frances Overby

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