Henderson County, Kentucky Biography


           Walter BRASHEAR, a contractor and builder, of Henderson, Kentucky, was born in that city April 28, 1867.  He is the son of Barack and Sarah BRASHEAR, both native Kentuckians, and a great-grandson of that Captain Richard BRASHEAR who was with General George Rogers CLARKE in the conquest of the Northwest, and who served with distinction in the Revolutionary war.  At the close of the war he received a captain’s allotment of seven sections of land in Clark County, Indiana, which can be seen in the “Original Book of  Surveys” in the clerk’s office at Jeffersonville.  He married Lucy PHELPS, it being the first marriage in Louisville.  She survived him, being ninety-one years of age at death.  Captain BRASHER came to Kentucky in the days of Daniel Boone and located near Shepherdsville, where he owned a large tract of land.  There his son Richard, the grandfather of Walter, was born and reared, and there passed his whole life, being a prominent farmer and influential citizen.

           Barack BRASHEAR became a contractor and builder on reaching manhood, and was for some time located in Louisville.  About 1840 he came to Henderson, where he carried on the same business until his death in 1887.  He was
enthusiastic Odd Fellow and was one of the charter members of the Henderson Lodge.  He was politically a Democrat.  His wife died in 1875. During her life she was a devoted member of the Baptist church.  They had eight children, only three of whom are now living.  Robert is a wholesale paper dealer in St. Louis, MO; Ella is the wife of S. W. GIBSON of Corydon, KY; Walter is the subject of this sketch.  He received a common school education.  Learned the business of his father and at the age of twenty years commenced contracting for himself.  Today he is one of the best known contractors in the Lower Ohio Valley.  He has built several courthouses in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Alabama.  Mr. BRASHEAR is a Democrat in his political views, served as a member of the city council in 1896-97, and though always willing to do what he can to further the interests of his party, he can scarcely be called a politician.  He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and with his wife belongs to the Baptist church. He was married in 1892 to Maude JOHNSON, daughter of Monroe and Jennie JOHNSON, of Henderson and has had three children.  Jennie died in infancy; Walter, Jr., is five years of age and Sarah is still in her first year.

Lower Ohio Valley, Federal Publishing Company, 1905



Sarah J. Brashear (inf), 1854, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 1
Richard Brashear (inf), 1855, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 2
Lillie Trunnell Brashear, 1862, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 12
Jeffie Brashear (inf), 1865, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 3
Sarah E. Brashear, 1874, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 4
Lulie Brashear, 1881, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 11
Barak Brashear, 28 Dec 1887, Fernwood, Age unknown, 86, 5
Virginia Brashear, 28 Jul 1893, Fernwood, Age unknown, 348, 5
Ben Brashear, 1896, Fernwood, Age unknown, 1032, 6

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