Henderson County, Kentucky

Tobacco Interest


Henderson is undoubtedly the largest strip market in the United States. By strips is meant the leaf after the stem has been taken from it. There are (17) stemmeries in the city and (18) in the county outside of the city. The following is a list, together with the estimated capacity of each house:

800 Hogsheads ~ John H. BARRETT & Co.

700 Hogsheads ~ R. H. SOAPER & Co., W. W. SHELBY, D. J. BURR, REEVE & Co., David CLARK and HAMILTON & Co.

650 Hogsheads ~ Allan GILMOUR & Co., John H. HODGE & Co., and E. B. NEWCOMB

600 Hogsheads ~ W. T. GRANT & Co. and Wm. ELLIOTT

500 Hogsheads ~ Edwin HODGE and C. W. WILSON

450 Hogsheads ~ G. VAUGHN & Co. and J. D. ROBARDS & Co.

200 Hogsheads ~ Lewis RILEY and N. A. KITCHELL

Making a grand total of nine thousand, seven hundred and fifty hogsheads of strips in the city. A. B. WEAVER, just beyond the city limits, 200 hogsheads.

CORYDON ~ John R. WILSON, 450 hogsheads; G. W. PRITCHETT and Fred POWELL, 150 hogsheads each. Total 750 hogsheads.

CAIRO ~ W. E. ROYSTER & Company, 250 hogsheads; W. T. COTTINGHAM and N. ROYSTER & Company, 200 hogsheads each; D. A. DENTON and F. A. FISHER, 100 hogsheads each. Total 850 hogsheads.

POOL'S MILLS ~ M. D. THORNBERRY and CRUSE & PARKER, 150 hogsheads each. Total 300 hogsheads.

ROBARDS' STATION ~ J. D. ROBARDS & Company, 400 hogsheads. Total 400 hogsheads.

NIAGARA ~ J. W. PORTER, 200 hogsheads. Total 200 hogsheads.

ZION ~ SMITH & BASKETT, 75 hogsheads. Total 75 hogsheads.

HEBARDSVILLE ~ J. T. HUST & Company, 150 hogsheads; Charles W. JOHNSON, 50 hogsheads. Total 200 hogsheads.

SCUFFLETOWN ~ John S. McCORMICK, 300 hogsheads. Total 300 hogsheads.

SMITH'S MILLS ~ W. E. ROYSTER & Company, 200 hogsheads. Total 200 hogsheads.

Making a total for city and county of thirteen thousand, two hundred and twenty-five hogsheads.

History of Henderson County, KY
by E. L. Starling, Pages 515 - 516

Contributed by Netta Mullin, HCH&GS
Copyright 2005 HCH&GS