Henderson County, Kentucky Cemetery

Ridgewood Cemetery

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Good News! A HUGE Thanks to Paster Jeff Osborne with Spottsville Community Church and everyone at Henderson, Ky Cemetery Research Group for their help in finding some of our missing headstones.

Birdie Armistead
Martha B Williams
Infant Neal
John M Hurst

Other additions: Anderson, Christison, Ewing, Harris, Langley, Watkins, Williams


Church at the Cemetery

The Ridgewood Cemetery committee is in dire need of donations to help with the up keep of the cemetery. We need donations for the on going mowing and debris removal.

If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation, please make your check to Spottsville Ridgewood Cemetery and Church Association and send it to:

Spottsville Ridgewood Cemetery and Church Association
Pamela Haire, Treasurer
P.O. Box 1612
Henderson, KY   42419

We appreciate any help you can give.

I have physically walked this cemetery and am fairly certain I have photographed all the head stones. I no longer live in Henderson so I am unable to readily verify that I haven't missed anyone (I am home about twice a year).

I compared my photos to Gone But Not Forgotten by Mr. Blue and found various differences in the dates listed and the dates on the head stones. In some instances I added the info from this book to the dates columns although when you click on the photo it may only show the year. I have also filled in names where they were just an initial. I honestly can't guarantee the accuracy on anything except the actual photos.

Where there were discrepancies I put the person in BOLD and made a note of the difference at the bottom of the page. Anyone that was listed in the book, but that I could not find a head stone for I have put in Red italics.

Please email me if you have any questions, comments or changes to make and reference RIDGEWOOD as the subject line.

- Leigh Ann Boucher


Contributed by Leigh Ann Boucher, HCH&GS
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