Henderson County, Kentucky




The foregoing copy of the record is about as clear and comprehensive as most of the orders to be found during the official term of Mr. HAUSSMAN ; evidently that gentleman never expected a history of the county from its beginning to be written, and had he kept his books with the view of furnishing as little information to the historian as possible, he could hardly have succeeded more thoroughly than he has done. It would be a hard matter at this time to tell from Mr. HAUSSMAN'S books and papers where BRADLEY'S Tavern and the school house stood at the time he was clerk. It would have been an easy matter, had he simply added the number of the lot or lots. After an extended research through the old records, and repeated conversations with many of the oldest inhabitants, it is pretty generally settled that BRADLEY'S Tavern stood on the east side of Main between First and Second Streets, and the school house stood in the site now occupied by the store house of Thomas EVANS , on the northeast corner of Main and Second Streets. These houses were built after the primitive style, unhewn logs being used for walls and logs hewn on one side for joists. The school house was a small affair, perhaps not exceeding fourteen feet square in the clear. To continue with the records of the first County Court, we find that the non-cupative will of Joseph MASON , deceased, was produced in court, proved by the oath of Rachel THOMPSON , and ordered recorded. In this will a portion of the peninsula lying on the Indiana side, of which we have spoken, was devised and the same mentioned as being a part of Christian County, lying in the northwestern part. The county being without a prison house, it was ordered that Samuel HOPKINS , Eneas McCALLISTER and John HUSBAND , or any two of them, report to the next August meeting a plan whereon to erect a public jail, likewise what addition ought to be made to the present school house to make it more convenient for holding courts. Johnathan ANTHOM was appointed the first constable, executing bond and taking the oath prescribed by law. Court then adjourned; signed, Charles DAVIS .

History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Edmund L. Starling, pgs 50 - 51

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