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Robert T. HICKMAN, farmer and hardware dealer, of Henderson, Kentucky, is of Scotch descent, the first of the family to come to America, settling in Virginia. In 1809, James HICKMAN, the great-grandfather of Robert, came from Winchester, Virginia, with his family of seven sons and one daughter, and passed the remainder of his life in Shelby County, Kentucky, in the immediate vicinity of Shelbyville. Joseph HICKMAN, one of the seven sons and the grandfather of Robert, married Elizabeth TOLBERT, daughter of one of the pioneers of that section, who came from Maryland. In 1832, they went to Shelby County, Illinois, and there both died some years later. One of their sons was James W. HICKMAN, the father of the subject of this sketch. He was born in Shelby County, Kentucky, 08 Aug 1813, there grew to manhood and learned the blacksmiths’ trade, which he followed for over forty years. More than half of that period he had a shop in Shelbyville. In 1866, he came to Henderson County, where he rented and managed a farm, though he continued to work at his trade. In early life he was an ardent Whig, but after the downfall of that party he became a Democrat. he is still living with his son Robert, hale and hearty, at the age of ninety-two years. While living at Shelbyville he frequently went to Louisville, and remembers when that city was but little more than a village. He married Lucy G. EUBANK, who was born in Clark County, Kentucky, 21 Mar 1821, and died 20 Mar 1891, lacking one day of having reached her three score and ten years. For many years they both belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church together, and he still retains his membership in that denomination. They had five children: Harriet E.; Mary Alice; Claude Thomas; Robert T. and Harry Buckner. Harriet married J. B. MARSHALL, and both she and her husband are dead; Mary died at the age of sixteen years; Claude is a dentist in Henderson and Harry died in infancy. Robert T. HICKMAN was born at Shelbyville, November 16, 1854. He received a common school education and at the age of twenty-two years went to Vanderburg County, Indiana where he rented a farm and conducted it successfully for two years. He then employed teams and was engaged in railroad construction for a time, after which he went on the road as a sewing machine salesman, and was later employed in the same capacity with Dayton Hedge Fence Company. In 1886 he located on his present farm, where he has continued to live ever since. Mr. HICKMAN is one of the most scientific and progressive farmers in Western Kentucky. In addition to his own farm he rents quite extensively and carries on a general farming business, though he makes a specialty of apples. In this line his orchard products are the equal of any in the country. His house and barn are said to be the best equipped and most modern of any in the county. A gasoline engine supplies water to every room in the house and for watering stock in the barn. Of the three automobiles in the county he is the owner of one, and is the only farmer in the county to own one of these modern vehicles. On 01 Nov 1904, in connection with J. H. and H. P. ALVES, he organized the ALVES & HICKMAN Hardware Company, which does a general hardware and agricultural implement business. He makes his daily trips from his country home to his place of business in Henderson in his automobile. Mr. HICKMAN is a Democrat in his political views, is a member of the Tribe of Ben Hur, and of the Presbyterian Church. He has never married.

Lower Ohio Valley, Federal Publishing Company, 1905.



Robert T. Hickman, born 16 Nov 1854 Shelby Co.; died 23 Mar 1939, Fernwood
Informant was R. T. Hickman, Jr., spouse’s name was Lettie
Lettie H. Hickman, borm 15 Feb 1878, died 21 Dec 1947, Fernwood
Informant was Robert Hickman, spouse’s name was Robert Hickman

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