Henderson County, Kentucky Obituary


The Reporter, Henderson, Kentucky

January 23, 1883


Mr. Robert LAWRY Sent Into Eternity

Without a Moment’s Warning

          Monday morning at 10 o’clock, Mr. Robert LAWREY was in excellent health and engaged in the usual routine of his work as foreman of an engine in the Henderson yards of the L & N Railroad.  For half a dozen years or such a matter, he had performed the duties connected with his position in a manner entirely satisfactory and had many friends among his associates.

          At eleven o’clock of the same morning his remains lay stretched out stiff in death – a sad commentary on the shortness and uncertainty of human life. 

On the morning name, the ice around the transfer at the upper wharf, prevented the usual landing of barges.  In order therefore to bring in a barge loaded with freight cars, a number of hands was detailed to break away the ice.  A connection had just been made and the iron bar dropped into the usual socket, but it was not strong enough to bear the weight and snapped asunder.  The iron bar aforesaid was tied to a rope about twenty feet in length, and as soon as the break occurred it flew back some fifteen feet striking Mr. LAWRY, who was standing near the pay car, over the left eye, breaking his skull and causing instantaneous death from congestion.

Drs. LETCHER and HELM were sent for, but too late of course to do any good as he was beyond earthly relief.

Mr. LAWREY at the time of his death was about thirty years of age, has long been a resident of Henderson, and is well known hereabouts.  He was a widower and leaves one little girl an orphan, at a tender age.

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