Henderson County, Kentucky


Among the many retail business houses of Henderson it is safe to say that not one is better or more favorably known than QUINN Brothers, who conduct a retail meat business at 220 Second Street. It is known as the Sanitary Market, and certainly is all the name implies.

W.C., A. J. and G. A. GUINN are the individual members of the firm and the business was established six years ago, and since four years ago last January they have occupied their present quarters. Everything about the market is clean and inviting and nothing ever goes out but what is right in every particular, and this no doubt is one reason for the large and rapidly increasing business they enjoy today.

QUINN Brothers do their own slaughtering, render their own lard, make their own sausage and cure their own hams and bacon. There home-cured bacon is worthy of particular mention, for it is equaled by few if any brands on the market.

In addition to a large assortment of fresh, salt and smoked meats, poultry, oysters, and game in season, they carry a line of light groceries and are agents here for the celebrated "Blanke's" coffees and teas, which have no superiors on the market. They also are large dealers in butter, eggs, country produce and vegetables. They have their own delivery system and all orders received by 'phone or otherwise are given prompt attention, carefully filled, and promptly delivered in any part of the city.

QUINN Brothers are accommodating and courteous, and treat their customers with the greatest fairness, selling all goods on their merits, and should any mistake occur, being more than willing to rectify it. All three members of the firm are young men with progressive ideas, energetic, alert and obliging, and are certainly entitled to the splendid business they are today enjoying.

Industrial and Historical Edition, The Henderson Daily Gleaner, March 23, 1913

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