Henderson County, Kentucky Family


Descendants of Peter Kohl




1. Peter KOHL, was born abt 1787 in Treves, Trier, Germany. He died 31 Jul 1860 in Henderson County, KY and was buried in Rawley Cemetery, Cairo, Henderson Co, KY.

Cabinetmaker, altars, organs, pipe organs, pianos, etc. mostly for the Catholic priests. He left Germany with 3 sons, son Andrew was close to military age of 18. Arrived New York on 17 Oct 1836. Left New York and went to Zoar, Ohio. Bought a cabinet shop in Evansville, Vanderburg Co, IN and then settled in Henderson Co, KY.
In 1850 Census, he was 62 living with Andrew; 1860 he was 71 living with Andrew. Peter was age 73 at death, per cemetery record.

Peter KOHL married (unknown) KEON, daughter of (unknown) KEON.

Wife's name unknown, her father and five brothers fought in the Marshal Nye's command and G. F. Keon was the only one who came out alive.

Peter and (unknown) Keon had the following children:

2 M i. Cole
3 M ii. Andrew William Kohl, b) 14 Dec 1818, d) 21 Nov 1878 Henderson, KY
4 M iii. Jacob Cole, b)abt 1827 and d) 1913, DuQuoin, IL


3. Andrew William KOHL was born 14 Dec 1818 in Rhenish, Prussia, Germany. He died 21 Nov 1878 in Henderson Co, KY and was buried in Rawley Cemetery, Cairo, Henderson Co, KY.

Three of 5 brothers & father came from Germany through Ellis Island, one brother and maybe the other changed name to COLE and both went West. Andrew along with Peter, his father, moved to Henderson, dealt in tobacco and had tobacco farm. 1850 Census Andrew is 31 and had 3 children. 1860 Census age 49 and listed as cabinet maker with 4 children.

Andrew married (1) Wilhelmina M. SEYLOR/FEILER 06 Jan 1842, Henderson Co, KY, Book 1, Page 76. Mina was born bef June 1818 in Germany. She died 1868 in Henderson Co, KY and is buried in Fernwood Cemetery, Lot #571.

Daughter Elizabeth's death notice listed mother as Welhimenia FEILER. Age based on 1860 Census, died after last child in 1851 and before husband remarried.

Andrew and Wilhelmina had the following children:

5 F i. Amelia Kohl b) bef Jun 1843 and d) 05 Sep 1927
6 M ii. Peter A. Kohl b) bef Jun 1846 and d) 26 Nov 1932
7 M iii. Hector William Kohl b) 12 Jan 1848 and bur) 10 Sep 1924
8 F iv. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kohl b) 23 Nov 1850 and d) 16 Jun 1928

Andrew also married (2) Melvina POWELL, d/o Harbart A. Powell and Cassandra Jones, abt 1868. Melvina was born 28 Jul 1832 in Henderson, KY. She died after 1910.

Melvina had five children; three with 1st husband and two with 2nd; raised the first 3 in the Kohl household, living with dau Kate in 1910, age 78.

Andrew and Melvina had the following children:

9 F v. Mittie Kohl b) aft Jul 1870 and d) 06 Apr 1963 in Jessamine, KY

Residence at death, Taylor, Kentucky. Mittie marr Charles N. Royster on 10 Jul 1889 in Henderson, Book 21, Page 537. Charles was born abt 1866. He died 03 Apr 1945

10 F vi. Kate "Katie" Kohl b) 04 Mar 1872 and d) 24 May 1961

4. Jacob Cole was born about 1827 in Rhenish Prussia, Germany. He died 1913 in DuQuoin, Illinois.

Jacob Cole married (1) Margaret Worsham, d/o Ludson William Worsham and Margaret King, on 04 May 1848, Book 1, Page 108, Henderson, Kentucky. Margaret was born 29 oct 1827 in Henderson, Kentucky and died abt 1900.

Jacob and Margaret had the following children:

11 F i. Amanda Laura Cole b) 1850
12 F ii. Mary E. Cole b)1854 and d) 1891
13 M iii. Edward Everette Cole b) 05 Aug 1858
14 F iv. Sophronia Richard Cole b) 28 Dec 1860
15 M v. Albert William Cole b) 1864

Jacob married (2) Ellen L. Lindly, d/o John Lindly and Sarah ( ) on 14 Mar 1901 in Alton, Madison Co, Illinois. Ellen was b) 1837 in Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois.

Spinster who didn't marry until after mother died at age 99 and 5 months. She also owned a fine house in Upper Alton near St. Louis. No children. Living in 1907.


5. Amelia Kohl was born bef Jun 1843 in Prussia. She died 05 Sep 1927 and was buried in Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky.

Amelia married John Reichert on 11 Sep 1861, Book 5, Page 201, Henderson Co, Kentucky. John was born abt 1835 in Germany. He died 15 Sep 1910 in Henderson Co, Kentucky and was buried in Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, KY.

John and Amelia had the following children:

16 F i. Lilly Reichert b) bef Jan 1863 and d) 20 Jan 1922 in Henderson
17 M ii. William Reichert b) bef Jan 1866 in Kentucky
18 M iii. John Reichert b) bef Jan 1873 and d) 10 Nov 1937 in Henderson
19 F iv. Hattie R. Reichert b) bef Jan 1876 and d) 03 Oct 1956 in Owensboro
20 F v. Mary L. Reichert b) bef Jan 1878 and d) 21 Dec 1950 in Henderson

6. Peter A. Kohl was born before Jun 1846 in Henderson County, Kentucky. He died 26 Nov 1932 in Webster County, Kentucky and is buried in Springdale Cemetery, Sebree, Webster Co, KY as Peter A. Kohle.

Peter listed as P. L. Kohl married M. J. (Mary Jane "Molly") Snipes on 24 Oct 1871 in Webster Co, KY, Book 4. Mary was born 10 Nov 1848 and died 01 Jan 1898. Mary is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Poole, Webster Co, KY.

Peter and Mary had the following children:

21 M i. Peter Kohl
22 M ii. Luther Kohl b) 08 Aug 1884 and d) 03 May 1896
23 F iii. (Elizabeth) "Lizzie" Kohl b) 16 Sep 1886 and d) 21 Mar 1896

Peter married (2) Blanche Norville 12 Oct 1907 in Dixon, Webster County, KY. Both lived in Sebree at the time.

24 M iv. Harry T. Kohl b) abt 1877 and d) 20 Feb 1941 in Evansville, IN.
25 M v. Shirley T. Kohl b) abt 1881 and d) 26 Jun 1938
26 M vi. Edwin Kohl b) abt 1890 and d) 02 Feb 1943 in Evansville, IN
27 M vii. Infant Kohl b) abt 1910

7. Hector William Kohl was born 12 Jan 1848. He died 1924 and was bur) 10 Sep 1924.

Hector lived at Cairo, Henderson Co, KY. The Kohl homeplace was on Main Street, he was jailer or sheriff, a real tall person, wife was short.

Hector marred Matilda O. Moseley, d/o Mathew O. Moseley, III and Sophronia Matilda Collier on 21 Feb 1871 in Henderson Co, KY, Book 11, Page 24. Matilda was born 23 Oct 1852 in Henderson, KY. She died 15 May 1926 in 430 Center Street, Henderson, KY and was buried 17 May 1926 in Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, KY.

Hector and Matilda had the following children:

28 F i. Irene M. Kohl b) bet Jan - Apr 1872 and d) 11 Apr 1944.
29 F ii. Anna Kohl b) abt 1874 and d) 31 Dec 1936. Anna married Rufus Cates. Rufus was b)abt 1835 and he d) 14 Apr 1923
30 F iii. Minnie Belle Kohl b) 1877 and d) 17 May 1984
31 F iv. Elizabeth Kohl b) 1882 and d) 14 Aug 1942
32 F v. Bessie Kohl was born in Cairo, Henderson Co, KY
33 M vi. Andrew O. Kohl b) bef Jan 1879 and bur) 28 Jun 1935
34 F vii. Louise Kohl b) 1881 and d) 1881
35 M viii. William Angus Kohl b) 21 Jan 1886 and d) 15 Apr 1966
36 F ix. Matilda Lucy Kohl b) 22 Apr 1890 and d) 18 Aug 1960

10. Kate "Katie" Kohl was born 04 Mar 1872 in Henderson Co, KY. She died 24 May 1961 in Taylor, KY. Kate married Matthew F. Eblen on 18 Oct 1888 in Henderson, KY, Book 21, Page 185. Matthew was born 1869 and died 23 Feb 1916 in Henderson, KY.

Matthew and Kate had the following children:
37 M i. Mervin Kohl Eblen
38 F ii. Mittie Lucille Eblen

11. Amanda Laura Pope Cole was born 1850. Amanda married Camp Elder.

Camp and Amanda had the following children:
39 M i. (Unk) Elder marr Edith Gardum

12. Mary E. Cole was born 1854 and died 1891. Mary married Thomas O. Adkins. Thomas was born 1846.

Thomas and Mary had the following children:
40 M i. Albert Scott Adkins b) 1876
41 F ii. Myra Margarett Akinds b) 1879
42 M iii. Charles Edward Adkins b) 1881 and d) 1960
43 F iv. Sophronia Wezette Adkins b) 1883
44 M v. Rollo Finis Adkins b) 1885

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