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Ning MITCHUSON is one of those peculiarly good, big-hearted men whom all men respect, and who, in return, lets his light so shine, that he is universally beliked by all with whom he is acquainted. If the writer may be permitted to advance a remark, without being accused of soothing, by praise, he will say that there cannot, perhapds, be found in this land a man embodying more of the characteristics of a philosopher. He is, to a great degree, a student of moral and intellectual science, and certainly no man takes the trials incident to life more calmly than does he. Well, to make, what be made with truth, a long story come within the scope of a biographical work of this magnitude, we will say that Mr. MITCHUSON, is a son of Col. James F. MITCHUSON and Elizabeth YOUNG, native Kentuckians. His grandfather MITCHUSON fought with other gallant Kentuckians at the battle of New Orleans, and was one among the distinguished.

Ning was born at Princeton, Kentucky, on 29 Aug 1932, and was educated at Cumberland College. In 1861 he married Miss Maria A. RUDY, at her home in Lyon County, Kentucky. Mrs. MITCHUSON is a daughter of William RUDY, an early citizen of Henderson, and a granddaughter of James ALVES, one of the earliest comers here, and great-granddaughter of Walter ALVES, one of the partners in the Henderson grant. Her birthright dates back to 1797 and no better stock is to be found in Kentucky. These two good people have had born unto them four children: Charles, Mary Alves, Bessie and Maggie Rudy, all living. There is a no more happy home sunshine around the hearth at all seasons.

Mr. MITCHUSON followed farming in Caldwell County, after arriving at his majority, up to the year 1862, when he came to Henderson. Since his life here, he has followed farming, occasionally indulging in a harmless speculation that could in no wise cripple, even though it resulted contrary to his wish. He has never held an office and was never a candidate for one, though, upon a number of occasions, he has been an active participant in the interest of his friends. He is a loyal Democrat. Many years ago he was baptised in the Baptist faith and connected himself with the "Blue Spring" Church, of Caldwell County. Since his residence in this county, latterly, at least, he has shown himself more of a latitudinarian than one wedded to any one religious sect. He is liberal in his church views and gives, as he has often said, "every man a chance for his white alley."

Charles MITCHUSON, the eldest child of Ning MITCHUSON and Maria A. RUDY, was born at Princeton, Kentucky, on 27 May 1863. He received a liberal education, and has ever been highly esteemed for his social qualities. On 24 Nov 1886, he married Miss Laura BARNETT of Henderson, a niece of the late Esquire John E. McCALLISTER, and a young lady combining all of the graces of gentle womanhood necessary to make her husband's home and life all that this poor world can give. They are happily mated, and the writer hopes that their lives may be uninterrupted by a single jar. Mr. MITCHUSON, a year or more ago, embarked in the merchant tailoring business, and is today at the head of one of the largest establishments, carrying a well assorted and various stock of goods in his line. Life shines brightly before him and may he realize it.

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