Henderson County, Kentucky




Henderson County was now eight years old by legislative recognition, and yet the morals of the people had not been reduced to the beautiful simplicity and religious standard the punctilious so devoutly wished. Some men would profanely take the name of the Lord in vain and yet punishment was as certain as taxes. The grand jury was no respector of persons, on the contrary they rather took a delight in making examples of the leading men whenever the opportunity presented itself. Henry P. BROADNAX , Judge of the Circuit Court, William FEATHERSTON , Commonwealth's Attorney, Joel LAMBERT and Thomas G. WALKER were each indicted at this term for profane swearing and fined the round sum of five shillings each, which they paid without a word. It is just to say, however, that the morals of the young county were far better, considering the character of the population as a whole, than well could be expected of a similar settlement composed of men of these days. There were but few indictments brought in by the grand jury, and they were mostly confined to minor offenses.

History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Edmund L. Starling, pg 122

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