Henderson County, Kentucky


The KLEYMEYER & KLUTE BRICK AND TILE WORKS, one of the substantial business concerns of the city of Henderson, Kentucky, was founded in 1865 by Henry KLEYMEYER, who conducted the business in a small way for three years, when he formed a partnership with Fredrick KLUTE and increased the capacity of the plant. Since then the output has annually increased until now the trade extends over a radius of 150 miles from Henderson. Tile making was added to the brick manufacture and in both lines the KLEYMEYER & KLUTE Company stand at the head. The drain tile, which has a range of from two and a half to ten inches in diameter is of the best quality owing to the fine character of the clays used in its construction and the improved machinery employed in its manufacture. During the year 1903, the company shipped 200 carloads of tiling and 6,000,000 brick, more than 500,000 of the brick going outside the state. The brick made by this company are of a high grade building brick which have become favorites wherever introduced. From fifty to sixty men are constantly employed during the brick making season and the company has 150 acres of land devoted to raising feed for the stock used at the plant. The company was incorporated in 1900, under the above name, with Henry KLEYMEYER as president; F. C. KLUTE as secretary and treasurer; and F. KLUTE as superintendent. From the humble beginning, nearly forty years ago, this concern has worked its way to the front until it is regarded as one of Henderson’s leading industries. Its success is due to the thorough knowledge of the business possessed by its proprietors, and to the fair dealing which has distinguished all their transactions.

Lower Ohio Valley, Federal Publishing Company, 1905

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