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"It appeared that nature had spread a feast for all who came." These were words written in reminiscence over the land and the woods which were found by the early settlers of the Wilson Station neighborhood. They found game in abundance in the virgin forests, and the open land was "covered with fresh-blooming clover." There was evidence that Indians had occupied this land before their coming. Settling on 1,200 acres of the land lying south toward Corydon from Wilson Station was the family of J. W. MUNCASTER, who cut through underbrush and thickets to find his way into Henderson County from his homeland, Virginia. The MUNCASTERs had come from the Isle of Man.

MUNCASTER married Isabella HART, who ancestors came into Henderson County from North Carolina. Of the HART family much has been written, particularly about the intrepid Nancy HART of Revolutionary fame. Nancy HART was the daughter of General Daniel MORGAN; she was married to Benjamin HART.

On one occasion the Tories visited her home, at that time in North Carolina. The men of the family had fled to the thicket when the Tories were approaching. She and the servants were in the house when the soldiers arrived.

They demanded that Nancy cook them a turkey dinner. She agreed. When the dinner was ready to serve she told them that no gentlemen would carry firearms in the presence of a lady. Beguiled by the sumptuous repast before them, and by her persuasive manner, they immediately stocked their guns in the corner of the room, says Mrs. Shelby S. LATTA, who relates the tale. Thereupon, Nancy signaled the men. In the meantime she had grabbed one of the muskets and, pointing it toward them, held the Tories captive until the men arrived to take over.

To the marriage of J. W. MUNCASTER and Isabella HART were born seven children - three daughters: Emma, Sallie and Belle; four sons: Thomas, George, John and James. It is of the descendants of Thomas that we write today.

Thomas MUNCASTER was married three times - (1st) to Sarah POSEY, daughter of Addison and Sarah POSEY; (2nd) to Alice WILSON; and (3rd) to Bettye CHEATHAM. There were no children by the third marriage. To the first union were born: William Allen, Thomas Hart, Jr. and Posey MUNCASTER.

To Thomas and his wife Alice WILSON were born Sallie Belle and Ida Cornelia MUNCASTER.

William Allen MUNCASTER, eldest son of Thomas and his first wife (Sarah POSEY) married Sallie Ashby WILSON, also of Henderson County. Practically all of his adult life was spent in farming. The farm was located a mile from Wilson Station. He was a life long member of the Methodist Church of Corydon. This branch of the family had three daughters: Nannie, Harte and Sara. Harte died at the age of six and a half. Nannie married Shelby S. LATTA of the Geneva Community - and their two children are Sara Marie and William.

William LATTA married Mildred MOREHEAD and they have two children: William Shelby LATTA and Thomas Morehead LATTA; while Sara Marie married Dr. Hoy C. MARABLE formerly of Petersburg, Virginia, now of Henderson, and they have two children, Ronald Latta and Shelby Eugene MARABLE.

Sara, the third daughter of William Allen MUNCASTER and his wife Sallie, married Frank V. RAMSEY of Dixon, now of Madisonville. Need I you tell you the name of their son? He is Frank V. RAMSEY, Jr., the famed basketball star of the University of Kentucky. Frank, Jr. is now married to Jean HARWICK of Lexington.

Sallie Belle, the first daughter of Thomas MUNCASTER and his second wife, Alice WILSON, married Edwin H. HOPKINS of Henderson County. To them were born three daughters: Alice, Louise and Sarah. Alice is married to Charles CULLEN of Louisville and has five children: Jean Marie (Mrs. Robert BORDERS), Mary ARNOLD, Charles, Shirley Alice and Michael. Jean Marie has a son, Timothy.

Louise HOPKINS is now Mrs. Lester CRUMP of Waukegan, Illinois. Sarah HOPKINS is Mrs. John DAVIS of Henderson and the Davis' have the following children: Sarah Christine, John, Jr., James Herman, Rita Hopkins and Robert Wolflin.

Ida Cornelia, the third daughter of the HOPKINS', married Manor SHEAD of Murphysboro, Tennessee and they have one son, James Thomas.

The above information, given to this column by Nannie Muncaster LATTA, the granddaughter of the original settler - who was ably assisted by Mrs. Theo POSEY, bears this interesting addenda: for many years Mrs. LATTA's grandfather, Thomas H. MUNCASTER, owned and operated a tobacco factory in Wilson Station, which was at that time a thriving rural village. The factory was located across the road from his residence, now owned and occupied by his daughter, Mrs. Ida C. SHEAD.



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John W. Muncaster 29, Isabella 31; Annah 55; James 6; Thomas 4; John

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