Henderson County, Kentucky Obituary

James Tillman Sutton

Several articles were printed in The Gleaner, Henderson, Kentucky, they have been compiled into one article.

2 Victims of Ill Fated Auto Ride

JAMES T. SUTTON, born James T Pitcock, is the adopted son of John O Sutton. He never regained consciousness. James Tillman Sutton died at 9:00 this morning (possibly April 7, 1926) at the Henderson Hospital. He had received injuries on Monday morning, when his Ford Touring car overturned, killing W. H. CABELL and fracturing Mr. SUTTON'S skull in 3 places.

Just one hour before the last respects were paid to Mr. CABELL, Mr. SUTTON took his last breath. According to J. O. SUTTON, foster father, the former patrolman's injuries made life impossible. His left jaw was broken and his skull fractured in 3 places. He showed some signs of possibly regaining consciousness late yesterday. His condition grew worse through the night and he was pronounced dead at 9:00.

JAMES TILLMAN PITCOCK-SUTTON was born in November 3, 1886 near Reed KY. His mother left the responsibility of raising the infant child to his father, a poor man with a large family. When James was about 2 his father died and the GILLCREASE'S, neighbors, took the baby in.

John O. SUTTON heard about the child and being childless, asked if he could raise the child. He was a farmer living in Corydon KY. County Judge John F. LOCKETT granted the privilege when the baby was barely 2 years of age. His name was then changed to James Tillman SUTTON.

Mr. SUTTON lived with his father until his marriage to Bertha SMITH. They had 4 children, Lucille, 17, James T. 21, Carl Edward 7, and Raymond Earl 3. The deceased is survived by his widow and these four children, as well as a half brother and sister. His mother died several years after abondoning the baby. The victim was not carrying any insurance at the time.

At 9:35 the body was removed by Klee Morton ambulance to the home on Loeb street. Funeral services will be at the Audubon Baptist Church at 2 on
Thursday. Interment to be at Corydon Cemetery.

At 3:00 on possibly April 8th or 9th, a large crowd of friends and relatives gathered at the Audubon Baptist Church to pay tribute to JAMES

Reverend Z. T. CONNOWAY, a pastor of the church, officiated. He gave a short talk before the body was lowered into the grave. A long line of automobiles formed behind the hearse and the body was borne to it's final resting place in the community where he was reared.

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