Henderson County, Kentucky Biography

Major John J. REEVE

              Major John J. REEVE, the subject of this sketch, a son of Samuel REEVE and Elizabeth CASTRIE, was born in Richmond, Virginia, on the twenty-first day of February, 1841. His Grandfather REEVE was a soldier in the War of the Revolution, and his father a soldier in the War of 1812. His maternal ancestors were Scotch and lived in Scotland. Major REEVE was highly educated, having graduated from the University of Virginia, one of, if not the most, noted colleges in this great country. Prior to his coming to Henderson, in 1868, he earned a livelihood by teaching in his native State. At the out breaking of the War of the Rebellion, he entered the Confederate army, and served with distinction to its surrender. He served in the army of the Tennessee, under Generals JOHNSON and HOOD, first as Captain and assistant Adjutant General, and was afterwards promoted to the rank of Major, and served as Major and assistant Adjutant General. He was in all of the engagements of the army of the Tennessee, and was captured with General PEMBERTON's army at the surrender of Vicksburg, on the fourth day of July, 1863. 

               Immediately after his arrival in Henderson, he, in partnership with his brother, D. J. Burr REEVE, under the firm name of D. J. Burr REEVE & Co., engaged in the purchase and stemming of tobacco. A short time afterward the firm erected a large stermmery, and have been one of the largest purchasing firms in the city. There is, perhaps, no firm in the city that expends an equal amount annually in the purchase of tobacco.

               On 15 Aug 1871, Major REEVE married Mrs. Sue B. D. POWELL, daughter of Governor Archibald DIXON, a lady whose excellent traits of character and domestic and social intelligence won to her a host of friends. There were four children born unto them, Margaret C., Mary G., John Burr and Kate Maxwell. Mrs. (Sue) REEVE died 28 Feb 1884. Kate Maxwell REEVE died 31 Aug 1884, and John Burr REEVE died 24 Oct 1884.

              Major REEVE has never been an office seeker, but by appointment served one or more terms as a member of the Public and High School Boards of the city. Being highly educated himself, he was eminently fitted for the position, and earned an enviable record during his term of service. He is a consistent, firm, and devoted member of the Episcopal Church, and has been for several years an active working member of the vestry. In business matters, Major REEVE is active, prudent, painstaking, generous and noble hearted. He is the embodiment of honesty, high character and fearless manhood.

Starling's History of Henderson County, Kentucky, 1887.


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