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John Francis LOCKETT, a prominent lawyer and politician of Henderson, was born in Henderson County, Kentucky, 05 Dec 1856. He was the eldest son of Rev. Paschal H. and Elmira (EAKINS) LOCKETT. His father was born in Henderson County, 21 Jun 1832. He studied law when quite young and upon his being admitted to the bar, was regarded by his friends as among the most brilliant lawyers of his day. He was a Whig in politics and followed the changes of that party while it existed and after the beginning of the Civil War became a Democrat. In the exciting times just prior to the war, he took an active interest and on more than one occasion met upon the rostrum speakers of the opposing party, holding his own among the best of them. He was elected judge of the Henderson County Court in 1866 and held that office for three consecutive terms, until 1882. During the latter year of his official life he devoted much of his time to the study of theology, and frequently preached the gospel. Upon his defeat for re-election in 1882 he began preaching and it was not long until he was called to the pastorate of the Baptist Church at Trenton, Kentucky, where he was greatly beloved by all Christian people.

Captain Francis LOCKETT (grandfather) was a native of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and was the author of a popular treatise on the cultivation of tobacco. He came to Henderson when it was scarcely more than a wilderness, and at once became a leader of men, whose advice and counsel were sought by his neighbors. He was a captain of the militia in Virginia and a leader in social and business life in Kentucky. He was a member of the legislature, 1815-17; was then elected State Senator and served until 1819, and was succeeded by the late Governor Archibald DIXON. The LOCKETTS were English people, known as "Roundheads," who came to this country in the time of Charles II.

Elmira Eakins LOCKETT (mother) was born in Henderson County, Kentucky, 05 May 1843. Her father, John EAKINS, was one of the early settlers of Henderson County.

William HICKMAN (father's maternal grandfather) was a Baptist minister, and was the first to proclaim the gospel in Kentucky. He commenced preaching at Harrodsburg in 1776, when on a tour of observation, merely, and after several months returned to Virginia and remained there several years. He then located in Kentucky and was an earnest laborer in his chosen field for over fifty years, and was familiarly known as "Father HICKMAN." Paschal HICKMAN was a soldier of the battle of River Raisin, the terrible massacre in which hundreds of his comrades were slain. Hickman County takes its name from him.

William HICKMAN (grandfather) was a native of Franklin County, and was also a preacher of considerable distinction.

John Francis LOCKETT was a pupil in the Henderson ward and High Schools, during the superintendency of that finished scholar and disciplinarian, Professor Maurice KIRBY, who is now principal of the Louisville Male High School. He gained an education worthy of his teacher, and few young men have started upon the voyage of life more thoroughly equipped. At an early age he chose the legal profession, and applied himself assiduously to the acquirement of a knowledge of law, reading in his father's office; and in 1879 he was admitted to the bar. Like his father, he proved a graceful, pleasing speaker and an able lawyer. For three years, up to and including August, 1886, he was prosecuting attorney and was county judge from August, 1886 to January, 1895, proving himself a most efficient officer.

He married 14 Apr 1881, to Minnie JONES, only daughter of Alvan L. JONES of Henderson, and they have four children: Alvan; Hickman; Sarah; and Marie.

Mrs. LOCKETT's maternal great-grandfather, Augustine EASTIN, was a Baptist preacher, who came from Virginia to Kentucky at the time Boonesborough and Bryant's Station were established by the very early pioneers. At one time he was arrested and confined in the jail at Richmond, Virginia, for preaching to the British soldiers; and, for persisting in his purpose to continue to do so was threatened to be shot. His son, General Zachariah EASTIN, was born in Virginia, January 11, 1777. He was a colonel in the War of 1812, and fought at Tippecanoe and River Raisin and, in fact, was throughout the campaign with Generals SHELBY, METCALFE, DESHA and Colonel Richard M. JOHNSON of Tecumseh fame. While engaged in this campaign, Colonel EASTIN was promoted to the rank of brigadier-general, which commission he held until 1824, when he resigned on account of some misunderstanding between himself and General DESHA. General EASTIN came to Henderson in 1843, where he died some years later.

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