Henderson County, Kentucky Obituary


The Reporter, Henderson, Kentucky

December 21, 1883

          On Tuesday morning last, the citizens of Smith Mills in this county, were shocked by the starling intelligence that Dr. GRAVES, of that, place, had committed suicide.  From the best information that we have been able to gather, it seems that the Doctor arose about four o’clock on the morning named, and without saying anything to his wife, went to his office and secured a vial of strychnine, a portion of which he took.  He then returned home and immediately went back to bed with his clothes on.

          In a few minutes his wife, perceiving that he was breathing very hard and with apparent difficulty, asked him what was the matter, to which he replied “nothing.”  Feeling somewhat alarmed, however, Mrs. GRAVES arose, when her husband went into convulsions.  Mrs. GRAVES sent immediately for Dr. COOPER, who lived but a short distance away, and when he arrived asked the dying man if anything hurt him.  “No,” said he, “nothing at all; but I have taken a dose of strychnine.”

          An enema was then prepared, but he refused to take it, and again relapsed into a convulsion after which he was so completely exhausted that it was thought best not to attempt to force him to take it, as he was too far gone for it to have the desired effect.  He then rallied again for a few minutes and asked that his shoes be removed, which was done and in a few minutes more the poor old man had passed beyond this world to try the realities of the great unknown without giving any reason for the rash and reckless deed.


1880 Henderson County Census, Page 351, Listing #316, J. C. Graves age 70, W, M, physician, b)KY; Amelia Graves age 63, W, F, wife, b)KY; Kate Gallagher age 26, W, F, servant, b)KY; Polly Powell age 14, W, F, neice, b)KY.

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