Henderson County, Kentucky History


Mayor – Jno. C. ATKINSON

 Chief Fire Dept – Alex FENWICK

 City Physician – A. J. SEIBER

 City Engineer – S. H. KIMMEL

 City Teamster – R. J. LABRY

 Street Lamplighter – Robt. BURNS

 Wharf Master – W. G. RUDY

 Hospital Stewart – G. C. POWELL

        Receiving the unanimous vote of the Council, were declared by Mayor ATKINSON elected to the respective offices as named for the term as prescribed by law.
        An election was held and C. G. HENSON and A. J. WORSHAM each receiving 5 votes.  Mayor ATKINSON voting for Mr. A. J. WORSHAM and so declared him elected to fill the unexpired term of Isaac MANN, resigned.

        An election was held and S. H. CROMWELL and A. R. BUCHHOLTZ each receiving 5 votes.  Mayor ATKINSON voting for Mr. A. R. BUCHHOLTZ and so declared him elected to fill the unexpired term of John W. MUNCASTER, resigned.

        To the surprise of all present Mr. John W.LOCKETT read the following communication from Hon. Jno. C. ATKINSON who was absent.

       Henderson, KY, May 21, 1895

Gentlemen of the Council:

       With a sense of profound disappointment in being forced to relinquish matured plans, and a settled purpose acting upon medical advice which necessitates a change of residence at least temporarily, I hereby tender my resignation of the office of Mayor of the City of Henderson and respectfully ask its immediate acceptance.
       My original attention to present to the City the salary derived from the office during the period for which I was elected, or its equivalent, as a humble memorial of my Father, the Jno. C. ATKINSON is observed so far as the amount involved is concerned in the proposition herewith submitted.

       In thus severing official relations with the City Government, I desire to offer to you Gentlemen, and the other City officials assurance of my personal regard, and to wish you a full measure of success on the conduct of municipal affairs under the administration of my successor.

       Jno. C. ATKINSON

       Mr. LOCKETT then read a deed from the heirs of A. B. BARRET for 3500 and 36/100 acres of land to the City of Henderson for which they acknowledge the receipt of 3500 and 36/100 acres from the hands of Jno. C. ATKINSON and the said Jno. C. ATKINSON desired that the City would accept the same as a memorial to his Father, the late Jno. C. ATKINSON.  The said land is to be used for park purposes.
       On Mr. MILLER’s motion, the resignation of Jno. C. ATKINSON as Mayor was received and accepted with deepest regrets.

 Motion Mr. EAKINS, that the magnificent gift of Hon. Jno. C. ATKINSON be accepted subject to the conditions named in the deed, and that the land be named Jno. C. ATKINSON Park.

       City records copied from “History of Henderson County, Kentucky”, pages 21 & 22 by Frieda Dannheister and Donald Hazelwood, 1980.

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