Henderson County, Kentucky


Thus it will be seen that out of the old Henderson Academy came the present high school, and that the property originally held by the Trustees of the old academy is now held by the high school board. On the fifteenth day of March 1869, the high school was chartered and on the first day of May 1873, the following named met and organized as the Board of Trustees: E. L. Starling, Jr., President; S. E. Vance, G. M. Priest, Dr. P. Thompson, John Reichert, C. Bailey, John B. Hart and Jacob F. Mayer, Trustees on behalf of the city; Larkin White, Henry F. Turner and George W. McClure on the part of the county. The county is equally interested with the city in this school.

This magnificent institution has proven a great blessing to the youth of the city and county. Its educational advantages are of the highest order and terms very reasonable. In fact, so much so no young man or woman need go without a first-class education. There are two competent teachers employed, a principal and assistant, under the supervision and control of the Superintendent of the public school.

History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Edmund L. Starling, page 421


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