Henderson County, Kentucky



While Captain DUNN was busy with his mill and official business, Mrs. Hannah DUNN , his efficient helpmate, was occuppied in watching the store and little tavern on the corner of Fourth and Main Streets.

She must have been a woman of indominable energy and great muscular strength. Oftentimes, in addition to her daily labors, she was known to do a man's work chopping cordwood, heavy lifting, and many other things nowadays men would consider too laborious, to say nothing of the women of 1887. She was as fearless as she was energetic, and during her husband's absence would go into the woods, attack bear, and most generally bring one home with her. Nor was this all, she was no more afraid of a man than she was of a bear, and many times she was known to take an overdosed, quarrelsome, wild, wild woodsman by the nap of his neck and lift him from the bar-room out of the tavern. She was boss, and never failed to impress her authority wherever occasion demanded it.

History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Edmund L. Starling, pgs 97 - 98

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