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          Harbard A. POWELL, formerly proprietor of the Corydon coal mine, now retired, son of Harrison and Elizabeth (McClanahan) POWELL, was born in 1818.

          His father, Harrison POWELL, was born in North Carolina in 1786, removed to Tennessee in 1821, and later to Kentucky; stopped in Logan County for a short time and then located in Henderson County, where he was a farmer nearly all his life, and died 30 Aug 1838. Harrison was drafted for the War of 1812 and furnished a substitute. He married Elizabeth McCLANAHAN and had eleven children, one of whom died in infancy: Willoughby, died at the age of twenty; Anna, Thomas W., Nancy G., Harrison, Harbard A. (subject), Smith, Elizabeth, Lazarus, James and Louisa.

          Willoughby POWELL (grandfather) lived for a time in Logan County, and subsequently removed to Henderson County, where he died. He married Mary WHITEHEAD, a sister of Lazarus WHITEHEAD, a prominent member of the bar in Europe, who died a bachelor, leaving a large fortune.

          Thomas McCLANAHAN (maternal grandfather) was a native of Virginia, who removed to Logan County where he died at the age of ninety six. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War by appointment of General Nathaniel GREENE, who after the war was over sent him out on the frontier in command of a squadron of soldiers, and was stationed at a place called Nickajack, now Nashville, Tennessee. He was a brave and fearless man. Few men of his type ever lived, and he stood high in the community in which he lived and died. He married Nancy GREENE, a niece of General GREENE.

          Thomas McCLANAHAN (great-grandfather) was a native of Virginia and a Baptise minister, whose wife was a Miss _____ MARSHALL of Virginia.

          Harbard Alexander POWELL was educated in the common schools of Henderson County, and early in life became a farmer. He was for some time employed on the farm of his father-in-law and in 1840 he purchased land and by great energy and economy became quite prosperous. In 1857 he built a stemmery and began to deal extensively in tobacco, preparing it for the European market.

          When the Corydon Coal Mining Company was organized he was elected president of the company, and within a few years he bought in the stock held by others and became sole proprietor of the mine. In 1894, he sold the property to his son, B. M.(Burnett) POWELL, and is now retired from active business pursuits.

          He was the first constable elected by the people of Henderson County, and in 1859 served as Justice of the Peace.

          Harbard has been married twice, first to Mary LIVESAY, a native of Virginia, who died in October 1856. There were four children by this marriage: Elias L., Louisa, Mary and Nancy.

          His second wife, to whom he was married 17 Dec 1857, was Melinda E. GIBSON, daughter of James GIBSON, a prosperous and successful farmer of Henderson, whose father, Berryman GIBSON, was a soldier in the war of the Revolution. The children by this union were: Martha Christina, Burnett M., Anna B., Adah Lee, Jessie A., Melinda J. and Thomas Hart POWELL.


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1850 Census of Henderson County
Harbert Powell age 32, Page 121, House No. 503; Mary age 30; Elias L. age 10; Louisa age 5; John W. age 3; Willoughby House age 16.

1860 Census of Henderson County
Herbert Powell age 42, Page 65, House No. 238; Malinda age 23; E. L. (m) age 20; L. M. (f) age 14; Mary E. age 8; N. C. (f) age 4; Martha C. age 2; James King age 24; Thomas Hart age 28.

Raymond - Powell Cemetery
Harrison Powell, born 03 Jan 1786, died 31 Aug 1838
Elizabeth Powell, w/o Harrison, born 22 Nov 1788, died 04 Feb 1854
Harbert A. Powell, born 03 May 1818, died 04 Jun 1903
Mary A. Powell 1st w/o Harbert A., born 22 Oct 1820, died 29 Oct 1856
Malinda Powell 2nd w/o Harbert A., born 25 Oct 1836, died 06 Jul 1911
Beth Powell, d/o of Harbert A. & Malinda, born 15 Oct 1862, died 23 Jan 1863
(Infant) Powell of H. A. & M., born and died 18 Jan 1864
A. Campbell Powell, s/o of H. A. & M., born 27 Sep 1865, died 12 Nov 1875
T. W. Powell, born 04 Oct 1811, died 02 Apr 1892
Elizabeth E. Powell, w/o T. W., born 10 Jun 1819, died 14 Dec 1891
Harrison A. Powell, born 24 Feb 1816, died 04 Apr 1875
Judith A. Powell, w/o H. A., born 25 Feb 1818, died 29 Oct 1878

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