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Published in The Legacy, Volume 6, Number 3.

Geneva is presently located in the northwestern section of Henderson County, Kentucky, in the area of Highway 136 West, Highway 268 and Trigg Turner Road.

Geneva was first known as "Walker's", after its founder William WALKER from Switzerland. After a while the town became known as "Cross Roads", because of its location, at the crossroads of Henderson-Smith Mills and Diamond Island-Corydon Roads. When Mr. WALKER was made postmaster, he was informed that there was already a town by the name of Cross Roads and that the name would have to be changed in order to save confusion in the delivering of the mail. So, Mr. WALKER decided to name the town after his native homeland "Geneva" Switzerland.

The first school in the area was built of logs and was known as the Log School House. It was located about one mile from Geneva. The first teacher was Mr. Strother, followed by Jennie Carter, Mr. Hornsby and Mrs. Howard. After a while the schoolhouse also served as a Union Church.

Prior to 1880 residents of Geneva had to travel to Smith Mills, Corydon or Henderson in order to cast their votes on political matters. So, the residents signed a petition requesting that a precinct be established. The court deemed that Geneva qualified and a precinct was form on 24 May 1880 with two magistrates.

Prior to 1886, one could buy whiskey at any store in Geneva. However, in 1886 it was voted that Geneva should be "dry" and the nearest store that sold whiskey after that was Three Mile House.

In 1892, Will EAKINS donated three lots to the community of Geneva for the construction of two churches and a school. The Baptist believers of the community raised the money to build the church through subscriptions. The church started with eighteen members with the Reverend T. A. CONNOWAY serving as pastor. The Methodist church was also constructed in this manner and was completed in 1894, with the Reverend PETRIE serving as pastor.

On Diamond Island Road, there were two fresh water springs. The springs contained cold, clear water. The area was a natural gathering place that served as picnic grounds and a public speaking area. The springs were also a valuable asset to the community during times of drought, since the springs never went dry.


William A. SISSON, Dealer in Groceries and Notions, Furs, Feathers, Hides, Tallow, Rags, etc. Highest cash price paid for all kinds of country produce. Groceries sold only for cash. Orders for produce solicited.

H. T. DIXON, Physician and Surgeon. Residence and Office in Geneva.

M. C. SANDEFUR, Physician and Surgeon. Residence and Office in Geneva.

C. T. SANDEFUR, Apiarian. Dealer in Bees and Honey. ¾ mile North of Geneva.

Walter A. TOWLES, Proprietor of Spring Hill Sorghum Mill. 1 ½ miles southwest of Geneva.


Name Occupation Place of Birth Settled
ALLEY, R. A. farmer Mississippi 1884
ALLEY, Edward farmer Mississippi 1864
AVERITT, W. G. merchant Trimble Co, KY 1861
CLAY, B. M. farmer Henderson Co, KY 1835
CLAY, Sarah G. Halifax Co, VA 1818
DUGGINS, Columbus farmer Harrison Co, IN 1875
DANCE, R. T. farmer Henderson Co, KY 1846
LYNE, George Jr. teacher & farmer Henderson Co, KY 1849
LAW, Daniel R. farmer Trimble Co, KY 1863
McDONALD, J. B. farmer Gibson Co, IN 1875
SANDEFUR, B. F. farmer Henderson Co, KY 1839
WATSON, A. T. farmer Mecklenberg Co, VA 1838

Information was gathered from several sources: Starling's History of Henderson; Dannheizer/Hazelwood's History of Henderson; Arnett's Annals and Scandals; The Gleaner, newspaper articles; Industrial Files at the Society; Kentucky Information Files at the library; 1880 Henderson County Atlas.

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