Henderson County, Kentucky



The first grist mill of which anything is known, was built by Captain DUNN , in the year 1796, and was operated by him up to his death a few years afterwards. For several years this was the only mill in the settlement, and where it was located, or what character of a mill it was, the records fail to explain. In Captain DUNN'S old account book, a little blank paper affair, with a thin, blue paper back, six inches long and four inches wide, is to be found seven accounts against the following persons, respectively: Richard TAYLOR , John CHRISTIAN , Andrew ROWEN , Walter THORN , Hugh KNOX , Michael SPRINKLE and Peter THORN - all for grinding and packing. His usual charge for this work was three shillings sixpence per bushel. The charge for "packing" was taking the meal in sacks on horseback from the mill to the home of the purchaser. So, from this, it will be seen that the system of "delivering goods" was adopted at the Red Banks as early as the year 1796.

History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Edmund L. Starling, page 97


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