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This information is taken from records donated by the Fernwood Cemetery. All information cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.

Anyone buried before 1853 were buried in the old City Cemetery (under the present day Hart Garage on 4th and Elm Street). It should be noted that not all persons who were buried at the City Cemetery were physically moved to Fernwood Cemetery. 1852/53 was when burials occured in Fernwood Cemetery at it's present location.


NOTE: You will notice that the info on each pages is sorted by Last Name then Lot # and Space # (not last name, first name). I did this so, while not easier to find alphabetically, it would be easier to find people buried in the same lots. If you need to search on a specific first name you can always do CTRL+F in your browser and do a search on the first name. ~ Leigh Ann

Also I will try and make notations where any changes have been made.

Copyright 2005 Leigh Ann Boucher/Netta Mullin, HCH&GS