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Frederick KLEIDERER was born in Alsace, a German District, which was reunited to the country in 1871, after two centuries’ possession by France. His birth occurred on 08 Sep 1835, at Woerth, on the Sauer, the place where General McMAHON fought his great battle of the Franco-Prussian War, 06 Aug 1870, and at an early age, was sent to the public schools, where he was instructed in both the German and French languages. His father, Frederick KLEIDERER, is living and enjoying fine health. His mother’s maiden name was Salome DOBBLEMAN. She departed this life February, 1885, just five months after Frederick crossed the deep blue sea from a visit to her.

Mr. KLEIDERER’S paternal ancestors were Swiss; his maternal ancestors were natives of Wurtemberg. The father of Frederick served seven years in the French army as a member of the Thirty-eighth Infantry, during the reign of Charles X and Louis Phillipe. In October, 1853, Mr. KLEIDERER came to America, and in August, the following year, moved out West and settled in the town of Caseyville, Union County, and there opened a merchant tailoring establishment.

Mr. KLEIDERER was in the tailoring business but a short time when he accepted a position as Superintendent of a wharfboat at Weston, Kentucky, in the employ of Captain Richard FOARD. He remained at Weston until 1855, when he returned to Caseyville and again embarked in the tailoring trade.

On 11 Jul 1856, he married, in Henderson, Miss Louisa GEIBEL, sister of Konrad GEIBEL, a highly esteemed citizen, and returned to Caseyville. They have had six children, five of whom are living, Charles F., Louis Phillipe, Konrad, William S. and Phillipe. The eldest child, Louisa, died when two and a half years of age, at Caseyville.

During the year 1864, Mr. KLEIDERER, with his family removed to Henderson and has since resided here. In September, 1862, during the War of the Rebliion, he enlisted in the Eighth Kentucky Cavalry, Captain HILLMAN’S Company, Colonel J. M. SCHACKELFORD’S Regiment, but owing to an overplus of volunteers, the company was disbanded. In January 1864, Frederick was elected and commissioned Captain of Company A, Second Battalion, One Hundred and Third Regiment, Kentucky Militia, by Governor Thomas E. BRAMLETT.

Since the war, and up to a year ago, he has successfully carried on the merchant tailoring trade and has enjoyed a lucrative patronage. He has served the city in a number of official capacities, in no single instance falling short of the confidence imposed in him by his people. Two terms, of nearly five years, he served as Councilman, and during that time, was a recognized leader. This was owing to his high sense of honor, his excellent judgment and his far seeing intelligence upon all maters of public moment. Five years ago, he was elected Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Water Commissioners and is serving in that capacity at this writing.

Mr. KLEIDERER was raised and educated in the Evangelical Lutheran Church faith and possesses and intelligent understanding of the doctrine as is taught by his church. He is a member of Stranger’s Rest Lodge, O. O. O. F., No. 13, and has been seated and presided in all of the chairs.

He is also a member of the Grand Lodge and was made District Deputy for Henderson County by the Grand Master in 1870. Mr. KLEIDERER is an enthusiastic member of the order and has done a great deal of work in its interest. He has ever been a warm friend of the Fire Department of the city, and one time was one of its most active members. All in all, Frederick has proven himself a valuable citizen – certainly, in all truth and sincerity, it can be said of him and his good wife, that they are the parents of five of the most promising, energetic and high toned young men that are to be found in all this broad land of ours.

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