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Edward MANION was born in the City of New Albany, on 02 Sep 1850. Edward was educated from private schools taught in Henderson. Arriving at his majority he engaged soon thereafter in the grocery business, and has followed that occupation to this day. On 16 Jun 1880, he married Miss Eliza CARROLL, and three children have been born to them - James and Katie born twins, and Mary and Dora. Katie died in infancy.

In politics Mr. MANION has always been known as a Democrat, in religion Catholic born and raised. He is a member of the Catholic Knights of America, and a devoted lover of Old Ireland and her people. He is now serving his third term of two years as a member of the City Council, having each time been elected over a strong opposition. His interest, manifested by the display of energy and sound judgment upon all matters appertaining to the city's weal, has made him popular in his ward, and, therefore, likely to retain him in the city's service so long as he chooses to divide his time with his own personal affairs and that of the public.

His father, James MANION, was born in County Longford, Ireland, in the year 1810. His mother, Katharine NOWLAND, was born in the same country and county in the year 1822. The father and mother were married in Ireland in 1834, and a short time after the father sailed alone for America, landing at the Port of New Orleans. A short time after his arrival in this country he shipped as mate on one of the Mississippi and Ohio River steamers, plying between New Orleans and Louisville. He then sent a message to his wife to come to America, which she did soon after, landing at the port of New York. Mr. MANION met her and returned to New Orleans, where he made his home for two years or more, when he transferred his residence to Louisville. Soon after his arrival at Louisville he engaged as superintending boss of a large pork house, and continued in this capacity up to the year 1848, when he removed to New Albany, Indiana, and engaged in railroad contracting. He built the roadbed of the New Albany and Salem Railroad, besides doing other heavy contract work.

In April, 1851, Mrs. MANION died, leaving him with quite a family of young children to care for, Edward MANION being one of the number. Life became a burden to him; the love he bore his little ones and their well being, preyed upon his mind, until he determined to marry, provided he could find one in his opinion suited for wife and mother. He was not long in finding a lady whom he looked upon as one in every way fitted to fill the specifications. He woed and wond, and in September 1851 was united in marriaged to Miss Mary SHEARN, at her home in New Albany. Six months later, Mr. MANION, with his family, removed to Cannelton, Indiana, and there opened a grocery store. He remained there but a short time, when he removed to Cloverport and engaged in the grocery business and hotel keeping. Fortune smiled upon him and he continued to do business there till the fall of 1858, when he removed with his family to Henderson. About the time of his arrival here there was a large amount of street improvement, grading, graveling, guttering and curbing advertised to be let at contract. Mr. MANION, aided by past experience, became a formidable and successful bidder, and was awarded a large amount of street work, which he completed, anf for which he was well and sufficiently paid. He built and successfully conducted the two-story hotel on the southwest corner of Elm and First Street, the building in which his son is now a half owner and carrying on a grocery business. Mr. MANION was a successful farmer, and, altogether, a thirty money making man.

Starling's History of Henderson County, Kentucky, 1887.



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