Henderson County, Kentucky Cemetery


Located off Greenlick Road, next to pond in wooded area.

This cemetery is located on my grandparent's farm. I recorded all this information on paper when I was a young girl (probably in the late 80's or early 90's). There were more tombstones, but these were just the ones that caught my eye. When I went back out there in 2002, I saw that most of the tombstones were down, covered with fallen trees, dirt, grass or some couldn't be found, most were cracked in places. Cattle roam through this area.

1. This is a large tombstone.
Elizabeth HALL
Formerly Elizabeth Ward
Born Oct. 18, 1754
Born in state of Maryland - emigrated to Kentucky in the year 1805 and departed this life in 1852. Aged 94 years. She was a devoted member of the Methodist Church for 64 years.

Unveil thy bosom, faithful land__________take this new treasure to thy trust and give…

2. Noah DORSEY
Born Aug. 1786?
Died Sept. 5, 1834

3. Lucetia DORSEY
Daughter of Ann and Noah Dorsey
Born June 20, 1820
Died Aug. 20, 1821

4. This is a rather large tombstone with the words: faith, hope, and charity written on the sides.
Sallie L. Walton
Daughter of TW and M(ary) A Walton
Born Nov. 28, 1855
Died Oct. 29, 1871
When blooming youth is snatched by death's cold, deadless hand which pitty must demand. Sleep loved one in thy lovely bed. Breath the green land, damp and chill for blessed are the early dead. Whisper sweet voices soft and still.
______fidens deo eap______

5. Clifford POWELL
Son of Dr. JW and Bell Powell
Died Jan. 11, 1874
Aged 11 mo. And 24 days

Born July 5, 1820
Died May 12, 1866

7. This tombstone is rather large with a hand at the top, index finger pointing to the sky.
Wife of Noah Dorsey
Born in Somerset, MD
Dec 21, 1791
Died Dec. 18, 1860
Aged 68 years 11 mo. And 24 days

8. Frank DORSEY
S/o T.N. & E.R.
Born Aug 14, 1858
Died Oct 21, 1899

9. Thomas W. WALTON
Born May 13, 1820
Died Apr 15, 1865

10. Mary Ellen WALTON
D/o T.W. & Mary A.
Born Apr 29, 1837
Died Mar 07, 1884

Compiled by Andrea Harris

Contributed by Netta Mullin, HCH&GS
Copyright 2002 HCH&GS