Henderson County, Kentucky Biography


Rev. D. Owen DAVIES, D. D., Pastor of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. DAVIES began his ministry in the City of Baltimore, taking charge, while yet a student in the Princeton Theological Seminary, of the “Old Duncan Church,” as it was called, during the protracted illiness of its pastor. It was this church that called Dr. Stuart Robinson, from Kentucky, to his brilliant Baltimore pastorate. Mr. DAVIES next ministered to the Central Church of St. Louis (now Dr. BRANKS’), while the pastor, Rev. S. J. P. ANDERSON, D. D., made an extended European tour. After a winter in the South and a summer in the North, seeking restoration of health, which had become critical, Mr. DAVIES was induced to take charge of a church in Cincinnati.

In the spring of 1863, he was settled over the church at Paris, Bourbon County, and, while there, was married to a daughter of Governor Richard HAWES, and there his first child was born. From Paris Mr. DAVIES went to Clarksville, TN, in 1868, where he did a good work in restoring to prosperity one of the best churches in that State, and in saving to the church and county Stewart College, now the Southwestern University, already doing so well and promising so much for the higher education of Southern youth. Thence Mr. DAVIES came to Henderson, taking charge of the church in this city June, 1871. Since that time he has continued to minister to his Henderson flock with an ability and anxiety of purpose that causes him to be more beloved by his people as each year rolls by.

The work of this eminent and hard working divine is here to show for itself. The additions to his church each year have been very large, and, as a result, the old church now has a second church of large seating capacity, one of the handsomest buildings in the State, and a large and growing congregation. Verily, Mr. DAVIES has performed a great and good work. The fruits of his unceasing labors will follow after him.

Starling’s History of Henderson County, Kentucky, 2887.



D. O. Davis age 46, H. N. age 38 (wife); Clara age 12; Kattie age 7; ALSO LISTED WITH FAMILY: Peter Cacy (B) age 32 (servant); Henry Ruby age 32 (tobacconist).

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