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Charles L. KING, a leading merchant of Corydon, president of the Deposit Bank and president of the Anchor Rolling Mills Company, of Corydon, was born in Henderson County, Kentucky, March 12, 1838.

His father, James H. KING, was a native of Virginia, who removed to was a farmer there for a few years, but soon engaged in the milling business; sold out his mill in 1856 and went to Hickman and engaged in the dry goods business.

James H. KING was married in 1828 to Caroline BRINKLEY and had ten children: John M., George W., James T., Charles L., Alexander, Edward S., Harbut A., Mary A., Martha C., and Sarah I. Mr. and Mrs. James H. KING died in 1864 and they are buried in Hickman, Kentucky.

C. L. KING (grandfather) was a native of Virginia, and his father was a native of Ireland, who came to Virginia in very early times.

Charles BRINKLEY (maternal grandfather) was a native of Virginia, whose antecedents are not known.

Charles L. KING was educated in the schools of Hickman, and at the age of twenty-one years became a partner in his father’s store, under the firm name of J. H. KING & Son. They were fairly successful merchants, and after three years they closed out their business and Charles L. established another store with S. C. WILSON as his partner, the firm name being KING & WILSON. They closed out at Hickman in 1866.

In 1866, Mr. KING moved to Corydon and engaged in the same business there, in which he has continued in connection with other enterprises until the present time. From 1874 until 1878, his brother, Edward S. KING, was in partnership with him, and the firm was KING & Bro. C. L. and H. A. KING succeeded Edward S., under the firm name, and the establishment is still known by that firm name.

Mr. KING is largely interested in other business enterprises, being president of the Anchor Rolling Mills; president of the Corydon Deposit Bank; director in the Henderson National Bank; director in the Henderson Woolen Mills Company, etc. He has been an extensive dealer in real estate during the past fifteen years, and is the owner of valuable property in Corydon and vicinity.

He is a man of the highest integrity, esteemed by all who know him for his generous spirit and upright character. Being a man of sound business judgment, successful in all of his undertakings, he wields a strong influence in the community, and is recognized as a leading citizen of Henderson County.

Mr. KING was married in 1864 to Mrs. Sallie (POWELL) SHEFFER, daughter of Harrison A. POWELL. They have four children: Anna, Addie, Maude and Harbut.

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C. L. King, 1838 - 1909, Corydon Cemetery
Sara King, 1840 - 1902, Corydon Cemetery
Anna J. King, 1846 - 1881, Corydon Cemetery
C. L. King, Jr., 1878 - 1880, Corydon Cemetery
Ollie G. King, 1865 - 1871, Corydon Cemetery

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