Henderson County, Kentucky
10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A.
aka "10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers"
Submitted by Stephen D. Lynn <confed@usa.net>
Copyright (c) 2000 by Stephen D. Lynn <confed@usa.net>

If you are a descendant of a man that served in this unit, I would appreciate any information that you can provide about your ancestor or his service. I am particularly interested in obtaining copies of photos of men that served in Johnson's 10th Kentucky Cavalry.

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This Western Kentucky regiment, commanded by Colonel Adam R. Johnson, began its organization as early as June, 1862. It is frequently referred to as the "10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers." However, it appears that the unit was rarely, if ever, referred to by that term during the war. The unit should not be confused with the 10th Kentucky Cavalry regiment recruited in 1863 in Eastern Kentucky and Southwest Virginia, which was commanded successively by Colonels Andrew Jackson May, Edwin Trimble, and George R. Diamond. It should also not be confused with Colonel Benjamin E. Caudill's 13th Kentucky Cavalry, another Eastern Kentucky regiment which was frequently called the "10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles" or "10th Kentucky Mounted Infantry."

On July 18, 1862, several original members of this command, using fake cannon, were the first to plant the Confederate flag on Northern soil at Newburgh, Indiana, when that town surrendered without firing a shot. In conjunction with Colonel Thomas G. Woodward's 2d Kentucky Cavalry, the town of Clarksville, Tennessee was captured on August 18, 1862 from occupying Federal forces. During the Summer of 1862, the regiment was involved in numerous other actions in Western Kentucky, including skirmishes at Owensboro, Ashbyburg, Slaughtersville [now Slaughters], Geiger's Lake [in Union County], Uniontown, and Madisonville.

The 10th Kentucky Cavalry was officially organized as a regiment on August 13, 1862 at Nebo, Hopkins County, Kentucky. Adam R. Johnson, a native of Henderson, Kentucky, was elected Colonel and received formal appointment on November 4, 1862, to rank from August 13, 1862. Although it was Johnson's intention to recruit a partisan ranger unit, soon after organization, he was ordered by General Braxton Bragg to report with his command at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. At that time, the unit was attached to the 2d brigade of Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's cavalry division. It would never again serve independently in Western Kentucky as had been Johnson's original intention. It took part in Morgan's famous Christmas raid and ill-fated Indiana-Ohio raid. While taking part in the latter, the vast majority of the regiment were captured and imprisoned, many for the remainder of the war.

Several modern day sources indicate that a portion of the regiment surrendered at Paducah, Kentucky in 1865. However, this writer has found no substantive proof that the 10th Kentucky Cavalry regiment existed as an organization after July, 1863. Those men not captured on
Morgan's Indiana-Ohio raid subsequently served in a variety of units including the 2d Dortch's) Battalion Kentucky Cavalry, the 8th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, the 15th (Chenoweth's) Kentucky Cavalry, and the 16th (Sypert's) Kentucky Cavalry. This 1865 surrender claim appears to be based upon a statement made by Colonel James Q. Chenoweth in the book, The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army. In that book, Chenoweth stated that at the end of the war, he traveled to Paducah to formally surrender his men. At that time, Chenoweth's command included the remnants of Adam R. Johnson's short-lived attempt to recruit a brigade of cavalry in 1864.


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Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who served in Organizations From the State of Kentucky. Record Group 109, Microcopy 319, Rolls 56-59, 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Cavalry, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

Field and Staff

Colonel Adam Rankin Johnson (promoted to Brigadier General 6/1/1864)
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maxwell Martin
Major G. Washington Owen
Surgeon George Porter
Surgeon B. M. Long
Assistant Surgeon Benjamin C. Redford
A.Q.M. Frank Coffman
A.Q.M. Lucas William "Luke" Trafton
A.A.Q.M. Harry Sharp
A.C.S. Horace Garth, James McClain
A.A.C.S. _____ Smoot
Adjutant Phillip Jones
Adjutant Oscar L. Barbour

Company Organization

Upon returning to his native Western Kentucky in June, 1862, Johnson authorized numerous men to raise companies for the regiment. It appears that at one time there were about 16 different companies in formation. Due to many being undersize, they were consolidated to form the companies listed below. These companies were made up primarily of men from the localities noted below, although no company was limited to men solely from a particular county or counties.

Company A - Captain Andrew W. Ray, Captain Jacob C. Bennett. Men from Hopkins, McLean, and Webster Counties.

Company B - Captain Lorenzo Dow Fisher, Captain William M. Marr. Men from Henderson County, KY; Montgomery County, Tennessee; and area surrounding Montgomery County, Tennessee.

Company C - Captain John E. Prow, Captain Samuel G. Wall (Killed in action), Captain Lorenzo Dow Hockersmith. Men from Crittenden, Union and Webster Counties.

Company D - Captain Thornton Mobley Hammock. Men from Union County.

Company E - Captain Samuel Burk Taylor. Men from Daviess, Hancock, and Jefferson Counties.

Company F - Captain Alfred Richardson. Captain John Strother Chapman. Men from Union County.

Company G - Captain James N. Taylor. Men from Henderson County.

Company H - Captain Henry Clay Merriwether. Men from Daviess and Hancock Counties.

Company I - Captain Alvin Fowler (Killed in action), Captain John H. Christy. Men from Hopkins County.

Company K - Captain William Currens Dimmitt, Captain John Hampton Hamby. Men from Caldwell, Christian, and Hopkins Counties.


Absher, J.: Co.H
Adams, Edwin R.: Co.A
Adcock, Ephraim: Co.C
Adkins, Lewis M.: Co.B
Agnew, J.M.: Co.C (KIA)
Agnew, R.F.: Co.C
Aikins: See Eakins
Albrey, William P.: Co.I (Died in prison)
Albright, William B.: 1st Lt., Co.A
Allbut (Albert?), John: Co.D
Allen, E.: Co.B
Allen, George W.: Co.B
Allen, J.: Co.B
Allen, J.H.: Co.B
Allen, Jack J.: 1st Sgt., Co.G
Allen, James M.: Co.K (Died in prison)
Allen, John: Co.K
Allen, Joseph J.: 2d Lt., Co.G
Algood, William: Co.E
Alloway, Will J.: 1st Lt., Co.D
Alvey, Thomas: Co.F
Alvey, William P.: Co.F
Alvis (Alois?), Henry: Co.I
Ambrose, Benjamin Whitaker: Co.E
Ambrose, Lewis F.: Co.E (Died in hospital)
Anchor, Benjamin M.: Co.B
Anderson, George W.: Co.B (Died in prison)
Anderson, Isaac N.: Co.C
Anderson, J.H.: Co.B
Anderson, James: Co.D
Anderson, William: Co.A
Applegate, F.: Co.B
Armstrong, John: Co.K (Killed during war)
Armstrong, William T.: Co.B
Arnett (Amet), Hiram: Co.B
Arnett, Virginius: Co.A
Arnold, Giles: Co.G
Arnold, Samuel W.: Co.C
Arnold, William H.: Co.E
Arnold, William S.: Co.E
Arthur (or Author), Benjamin F.: Co.B
Ashbey, John A.: Co.I, E
Ashby, David: Co.A
Ashby, Lemuel H.: Co.A
Ashby, William: Co.A
Ashley, W.M.: Co.A
Ashley, Walter: Co.A
Ashley, William: Co.A
Aull (All), Henry Clay: Co.C
Ausenbaugh, Charles: Co.K
Ausenbaugh, John Bailey: Co.K
Austin, John: Co.E
Austin, William: Co.F, E (Died in prison)
Averitt, E.R.: Co.G (Died in prison)




Baird, J.S.: Co.B
Baker, George C.P.: Co.E
Baker, James: Co.F
Baker, Robert L.: 3d Sgt., Co.K
Baldwin, J.A.: Co.I
Ball, S.D.: Co.F
Banks, S.T.: 1st Sgt., Co.H
Barbour, Oscar L.: 3d Lt., Co.A, G
Barbour, Phillip: Co.G
Baron, N.D.: Co.I
Baron, William E.: Co.I
Barrow, Eilbeck: Co.E
Barton, William H.: Co.I
Bass, John: Co.D
Bean, Charles A.: Co.C
Bean (Been), John F.: Co.C
Beauchamp, J.H.: 1st Lt., Co.F
Beauchamp, Newell Perry: 1st Sgt., Co.F
Beauchamp, William: Co.F
Becan, Charles A.: Co.C
Beck, William G.: Sgt., Co.B (Died in prison)
Beckham, John A.: 4th Corp., Co.A
Beckner, Alfred Norman: Co.K
Bell, Charles: Co.G
Bell, Charles F.: Co.E, G
Bell, Gabriel E.: Co.E
Bell, James: Co.C
Bell, James W.: Co.E
Bell, John: Co.G
Bell, John W.: Co.H (Died in prison)
Bell, William: Co.H
Bennett, Jacob C.: Captain, Co.A
Bennett, James M.: Co.C, D
Bennett, James W.: Co.C
Bentley, John: Co.C
Berry, George W.: Co.F (KIA)
Berry, John H.: Co.G (Died in prison)
Bethell, C.W.: Co.B
Biggs, Albert T.: Co.B
Biggs, P.B.: Co.B
Biggs, Peter: Co.G
Biggs, William T.: Co.B
Bird, James T.: Co.C
Bird, W.A.: 2d Corp., Co.C
Bishop, George W.: Co.C
Bivins, Truman: Co.B
Black, Richard: Co.G
Blackwell, Robert: Co.F

Bland, Charles: Co.A (KIA)
Blandford, T.C.: Co.I, E
Blanford, J.: Co.E
Blanford, John: Co.G
Blansford, Ignatius: Co.G
Blansford, James T.: Co.G
Blythe, W.M.: Co.E
Boardman, Samuel W.: Co.H
Bondurant, David A.: 1st Corp., Co.I
Boswell, D.S.: Co.E
Boswell, G.W.: Co.H
Bourland, Harvey R.: Co.I
Bowden (Browder?), D.H.: 2d Lt., Co.A
Bowen, James Walter: Co.F
Bowers, Samuel: Co.A
Bowlen, A.R.: Co.I
Boyd, James H.: 2d Corp., Co.K
Braddock, J.L.: Co.F
Bradley, James L.: Co.E
Bradley, W.: Co.E
Bradon (Bruden), John: Co.A
Brandon, George: Co.B
Brantley, John C.: Co.C
Brantley, Bluford B.: Co.C
Brashear, L.: Co.B
Broadfoot, Benjamin C.: Co.C
Brooks, Robert: Co.A
Brooks, Thomas Marshall: Co.K
Browder, Josiah B.: Co.A
Brown, Charles M.: Co.I
Brown, Charles T.: Sgt., Co.A
Brown, Ferris F.: 1st Lt., Co.I
Browning, John: Co.I
Bryant, Simeon: Co.A
Buchanan, R.H.: Co.A
Buchanan, William: Co.B
Buckman, Benedict: 1st Sgt., Co.F
Buckman, J.: Co.G
Buckman, Thomas: Co.G
Buckman, W.C.: Co.F
Burch, Robert William: Co.F
Burchfield, Nathan G.: Co.C (Died in prison)
Burnett, James: Co.A
Burnett, John H.: Co.B
Burnett, Pious: Co.A
Burns, S.: 2d Sgt., Co.B
Burns, William B.: Co.I
Burton, J. Henry: Co.C
Butts, R.: Co.E



Cain, Charles Rutledge: Co.C
Cain, J. David: Co.C (Died in prison)
Camp, S.A.: Co.E
Cannon, E.S.: Co.C
Cannon, G.W.: Co.C
Cannon, William A.: Co.D (Died in prison)
Carlisle, B.L.: Co.H
Carlisle, B.R.: Co.A
Carlisle, Charles: Co.E
Carlisle, Cyrus: 3d Lt., Co.A
Carlisle, J.P.: Co.E
Carlisle, R.W.: Co.A
Carlisle, Thomas: 2d Lt., Co.A
Carrico, James H.: Co.E
Casper, J.C.: Co.C
Catlett, Robert Peter: Co.F
Cavender, Thomas: Co.H
Chambers, T.W.:
Chandler, David A.: Co.C
Chandler, J.H.: Co.E
Chandler, James W.: Co.A
Chandler, Thomas W.: Co.C
Chapell, Thomas: Co.A
Chapman, Benjamin Johnson: Co.F
Chapman, John Strother: Captain, Co.F
Chase, William A.: QM Sgt., Co.G
Cheaney, W.: Co.B
Cherry, George: Co.B
Chicon, Charles: Co.B
Chinn, F.: Co.I
Chipley, D.: 1st Lt., Co.H
Christian, J.T.: Co.H
Christian, Samuel J.: Co.D
Christian, William F.: 4th Corp., Co.D
Christy, John H.: Captain, Co.I
Clark, F.M.P.: Co.I
Clark, Thomas: Co.I
Clark, W.: Co.B
Clark, Yateman: Co.F
Clarke, W.E.: Co.B
Clavis, Robert: Co.C
Claxton (Cloxton), William Morgan: Co.K
Clay, Barnett M.: 1st Sgt., Co.G
Clayton, G.W.: Co.C
Clayton, S.W.: Co.C
Clayton, William Lafayette: Co.K
Clerk, B.H.: Co.C
Clerk, J.M.: Co.C (Died during war)

Click, P.N.: Co.C
Clore, Lafayette: Co.H, Co.A
Clore, Theodore Bell: 3d Corp., Co.C
Cobb, T.J.: Co.B
Cobb, William: Co.A
Coffman, Frank: Quartermaster
Coffman, Theodore W.: Co.A
Colbett, Wiley: Co.H
Cole, William C.: Blacksmith, Co.C (Died in prison)
Coleman, Isaac Jackson: Co.F
Coleman, J.S.:
Coleman, R.J.:
Coleman, Smith: Co.F
Coleman, Thomas C.: Co.F, K
Coleman, William: Co.A
Coleman, Zebidee: Co.F
Collins, Jerry: Co.D
Combs, E.S.: Co.H
Conger, Isaac R.: Co.C, H, G
Congleton, Archelaus: Co.A
Conn, Thomas: Co.C
Conrad, Frank: Co.F
Conroy, John: Co.C (Died in prison)
Conway, John: Co.F
Cook, Joseph E.: Co.C
Cook, Zack: Co.G (Died during service)
Copeley, James: Co.B
Corbet, James: Co.A
Cottrell, J. Peter: Co.E
Cowey, T.H.B.: Co.C
Cox, C.F.: Co.C
Cox, Edwin R.: Co.I
Cox, T.: Co.C
Cox, William: Co.B
Cox, William T.: Co.E
Crafton, Aurelius S.: 1st Corp., Co.A
Creder, D.B.: Co.C
Crider, Stephen F.: Co.C
Crews, Rufus: Co.B
Crockett, John W.: Co.A
Cromwell, Frank: Co.F
Cromwell, Henry C.: 1st Lt., Co.F
Cromwell, Nathaniel: Co.C (Died during service)
Cudney, H.H.: Co.E
Cullen, Richard: Co.D
Culver, John: Co.F
Culver, Thomas R.: Co.G
Cunningham (Cundyham), John: Co.I



Dance, John E.: Sgt., Co.G (Died in prison)
Dance, Robert Tommie: Co.G
Darnell, Martin VanBuren: 4th Sgt., Co.K
Davenport, James Reburn: Co.F
Davidson, B.: Co.H
Davis, D.D.: Co.I
Davis, H.T.: Co.I
Davis, J.H.: Co.B
Davis, James Morton: Co.I
Davis, M.H.: Co.I
Davis, Robert: Co.C
Davis, W.T.: Co.I
Day, O.B.: Co.D
Delaney, Charles: Co.F
Denton, B.P.: Co.B
Denton, Mitchell Davison: Co.B
Dilbeck, William: Co.C
Dillingham, William R.: Co.K
Dills, Jesse: Co.C
Dimmett, William Currens: Captain, Co.K
Dixon, George W.: Co.A
Dixon, Joseph S.: Co.G
Dockrey (Dockney), John: Co.K
Dodd, Jeptha M.: 3d Sgt., Co.A
Dodge, Jerry R.: Co.D
Dollins, B.G.: Co.E
Dollins, D.G.: Co.I
Donley, J.: Co.A
Dorris, D.B.: Co.C
Douthitt, Joseph G.: Co.A (Died in prison)
Drury, F.F.: Co.G
Drury, James A.: Co.F, E
Drury, James Hamilton: Co.G
Dunbar, W.: Co.B
Duncan, Christopher C.: Co.E
Dunlap, Hugh Pendleton: 1st Lt., Co.B
Dunn, D.M.: Co.C
Dunville, Richard W.: 1st Sgt., Co.A (KIA)
Dupuy, N.B.: 3d Lt., Co.H
Dye, John W.: Co.C
Dye, Richard J.: Co.C
Dyer, James W.: Co.D



Eagan, Nicholas: Corp., Co.K
Eakins, Felix G.: 1st Lt., Co.G
Eathery, William: Co.B
Eaves, William M.: 1st Corp., Co.E
Eblin, John: Co.G
Edding, B.P.: Co.C (KIA)
Eddings, Robert E.: Co.C
Edmondson, Harrison R.: Co.C
Edmondson, Hubbard A.: Co.C
Edmunds, H.C.: Co.C
Edwards, George: Co.C
Edwards, N.: Co.B
Edwards, Presley H.: Co.A
Eison (Ison), Charles: Co.K (Died in prison)
Elder, Charles F.: Co.B
Elliott, L.P.: Co.C
Ellis, John: Co.K
Ellis, L.: Co.E
Emmerson, C.A.: Co.E
Emmerson, John: Co.B
Endsley, J.H.: Co.C
Estes, James G.: Co.H, E, D
Estes, Richard: Co.H
Eubanks, J.J.: Co.F
Eubanks, John: Co.A (KIA)
Everitt, E.R.: Co.G
Ezelle, A.D.: Co.B



Falls, James: Co.H
Farley, Henderson: Co.A
Farley, John: Co.A
Farley, Joseph: Co.A (Killed during war)
Farmer, Benjamin C.: Co.C
Faviors, Travis: Co.A (KIA)
Fendrick, Thomas: Co.F
Fendrue, William: Co.A
Field, Benjamin F.: Sgt., Co.E
Fields, Willis: Co.B
Fisher, Henry: Co.H, G (Died in hospital)
Fisher, Lorenzo Dow: Captain, Co.B
Fisher, William: Sgt., Co.E
Fitzhenry, M.: Co.D
Flannigan, James P.: 3d Sgt., Co.D
Floyd, James Fountaine: Co.H (Died in prison)
Floyd, Robert B.R.: Co.A (KIA)
Floyd, Robert T.: Co.G
Floyd, William: Co.G

Fortune, E.: Co.I
Fowler, Alvin: Captain, Co.I (KIA)
Fowler, G.H.: Co.H
Fowler, John James: Co.G
Fowler, Joseph: Co.G
Fowler, Louden: Co.I
Fowler, Peter N.: Co.G
Fowler, Peter L.: Co.D
Fowler, Robert E.: Co.G
Francis, Henry: Co.D
Fraser, William: Co.A (KIA)
Frasier, William H.: Co.B
Frazier, J.W.: Co.B
Freels, F.: Co.E
Freels, I.: Co.B
French, Charles Willis: Co.G
French, Henry: Co.G
French, Jesse S.: Co.K
French, Leo: Co.G, Co.B
French, Willis: Co.G
Friend, Jacob: Co.A



Gaines, Bernard S.: Co.C
Gallager, P.: Co.B
Gardner, William Jerome: 2d Lt., Co.D
Garth, Horace: Commisary
Gentry, G.W.: Co.B
George, J.M.A.: 1st Lt., Co.B (KIA)
Gibson, Allen: 2d Sgt., Co.C
Gilchrist, Henry: Sgt., Co.F
Giles, Paschal: 1st Sgt., Co.K
Giles, R.: Co.B
Girten, Thomas: Co.F
Girten, Valentine Austin: Co.F
Givens, James: Co.C
Gobin, John D.: Co.F
Gooch, Bartlett Louis: Co.A
Gooch, Thomas: Co.A
Goodwin, George H.: 1st Sgt., Co.D
Gore, John: Co.F
Gough, Henry C.: Co.F
Gough, J.S.: Co.E
Grady, W.: Co.E
Graham, Edwin A.: Co.F

Graves, G.M.: Co.D
Graves, William P.: Co.D
Gray, Neville C.: Co.F
Grayson, Benjamin F.: Co.C
Grayson, G.W.: Co.C
Grayson, James J.: Co.C
Grayson, Samuel W.: Co.C
Green, George K.: 4th Sgt., Co.H
Greenwell, Samuel: Co.F
Greer, William J.: Co.B
Gregory, Thomas: Co.A
Griffin, Daniel A.: 2d Lt., Co.B
Griffin, George: Co.D
Griffin, J.A.: Co.B
Griffin, J.C.: Co.B
Griffin, John Y.: Co.I
Gresham (Grissom), Moses Carter: Co.K
Grisham, Peter D.: Co.K
Gudgell, Daniel E.: Co.B
Guess, D.F.: Co.C, H
Guess, J.S.: Co.C
Guthrie, Thomas: 1st Sgt., Co.C



Hagan, Robert A.: Co.B
Hager, William: Co.D
Haines, William: Co.D
Hall, Caleb Mastin: 3d Sgt., Co.I
Hall, Thomas Frasier: 3d Corp., Co.D
Halley, B.S.: Co.C
Hamby, John Hampton: Captain, Co.K
Hamby, John W.: Co.K (Died in prison)
Hamilton, W.F.: Co.D
Hammack, Thornton Mobley: Captain, Co.D
Hamner, C.H.: Co.D
Hamner, John:
Hampton (Hampden), J.W.: Co.D
Hampton, William: Co.D, Blacksmith
Hancock, Dabney C.: Co.D
Handly, James E.: 2d Lt., Co.E
Hanna, W.M.: Co.H
Hardy (Hardee), John: Co.D
Hardesty (Hardeiter), Tyler: Co.F
Hardwick, Thomas: Co.G
Hargis, H.L. (or H.S.): Co.B
Hargood (Hargrove?), J.M.: Co.G (Died in prison)
Hargis (Hargus), Lionel D.: Co.B
Harris, Fendle: Co.F
Harris, Thomas R.: Co.E
Harris, William Robert: Co.E
Harrison, J.: Co.E
Harrison, J.W.: Co.E
Harrison, Thomas J.: Co.A
Harrison, W.T.: Co.E
Harrol, James: Co.C
Hart, Ben E.: Co.A
Hart, Thomas E.: Co.G
Harvel, C.F.: Co.C
Haskins, Robert: Co.F
Hatfield, Christopher C.: Co.F
Hatley, B.S.: Co.C
Hawes, Richard: Co.E
Hawkins, Richard: Co.A
Hawler, Peter L.: Co.D
Hayden, F.: Co.H
Hayden, J.H.: Co.H
Hayden, Joseph: Co.H
Hayden, M.S.: Co.E (Killed during war)
Hayes, George W.: Co.K
Head, Henry R.: Co.E
Head, James Barnett (T.C.): 2d Sgt., Co.C
Head, John W.: 1st Lt., Co.C
Head, Richard B.: Co.E
Head, W.: Co.C
Hedges, James W.: Co.F
Henderson, J.: Co.H
Henry, Alexander: Co.C
Henry, F.W.: Sgt., Co.A
Henry, Joseph D.: Co.D
Henry, Thomas: Co.C
Henry, Thomas W.: 4th Sgt., Co.A
Herndon, John: Co.F
Herndon, Thomas: Co.F
Herron (Hearin?), Adolphus Mayfield: Co.I
Herron, Asher: Co.K (Died in prison)
Herron, Elisha: Co.K
Herron, James H.: Co.K
Herrell, Samuel: Co.H
Hewitt, J.W.: 3d Sgt., Co.E
Hewitt, James W.: 2d Lt., Co.F
Hibbs, I.T.: Co.I
Hickerson, Elijah R.: Co. B; Possibly same as E.R. Higginson.
Hicklin, Cornelius (K.): Co.I
Hicklin, James L.: Co.A
Hicklin, Thomas: Co.A
Hicks, B.: Co.A
Hicks, Sherwood S.: 3d Lt., Co.B
Higginson, E.R.: Co.B
Higgs, D.G.: Co.E
Hill, Harrison: Co.I, E (Died in prison)
Hill, Louis: Co.H
Hobbs, James P.: Co.E
Hobby, James W.: Co.H
Hobby (Holbell), J.H.: Co.K
Hobby, John W.: Co.K
Hockersmith, Lorenzo Dow: Captain, Co.C
Hockett, H.: Co.C
Hodgens, Louis Sons: Co.F
Hodges, James W.: Co.F See "Hedges"
Holcomb, E.: Co.F
Holcomb, Oliver: Co.F
Holeman (Halman), T.J.: Co.C
Hollbrook, W.O.: Co.I
Hollis, William Wilson: Co.A (KIA)
Holloway (Holeman?), John S.: Co.C
Holt, C.G.: Co.D
Hopkins, Benton L.: Co.F
Hopper, James C.: Co.K
Horseman, William: Co.G (KIA)
Houston, Benjamin: Co.E
Houston, David: Co.E
Houston (Hueston), Robert:
Howard, Charles: Co.C
Howard, Henry: Co.E
Howard, T.M.: 4th Corp., Co.E
Howard, Tryon Yancy: Co.E
Howell, Andrew Jackson: Co.I
Howell, H.A.: Co.I
Howell, J.E.: Co.B
Howell, James A.: Co.A
Howell, John W.: Co.B
Howell, Nathan B. (M.B.): 3d Corp., Co.K (Died in prison)
Howell, T.: Co.B
Howell, Walker: Co.F
Howell, William: Co.I
Howton (Houton), David H.: Corp., Co.K
Huckelby, James: Co.C (Died during war)
Hughes, Alexander C.: Co.B
Hughes, Graham (Green): Co.F
Hughes, J.: Co.F
Hughes, J.G.: Co.F
Hughes, James: Co.C
Hughes, Joseph D.: Co.E
Hughes, Robert: Co.F
Hughes, Willis: Co.F
Hull, F.A.: Co.H
Humphrey, George: Co.A
Humphrey, Henry A.: Co.A
Humphrey, Isaac D.: Co.A
Humphrey, Rolla E.: Sgt., Co.A
Humphrey, Thomas: Co.A (Died in prison)
Hunt, Thomas Crutchfield: 2d Corp., Co.I
Hunter, Henry Clay: Co.K
Hunter, J.M.: Co.C
Hunter, Jasper M.L.: Co.C
Hunter, Joseph Ewing: 3d Sgt., Co.C
Hunter, Nathan J. (W.J.): Co.K (Died in prison)
Hutchings, W.H.: Co.D
Hutchins, Henry: Co.F



Imboden, George: Co.C  



Jackson, Isaiah (J.): Co.K (Died in prison)
Jackson, Thomas: Co.A
Jackson, William T.: 2d Sgt., Co.K
James, Miles B.: Co.D
James, W.B.: Co.C
Jameson, Cyrus:
Jeffries, Thomas B.: Co.D
Jenkins, J.: Co.E
Jenkins, W.: Co.A
Jenkins, William: Co.E
Jenkins, Willis: Co.K (Died in prison)
Jennings, Obadiah T.: Co.B
Jennings, Richard B.: Co.B
Jewell, Felix: 2d Sgt., Co.D
Jewett, Michael: 3d Lt.
Johns, Bud: Co.A
Johnson, Adam Rankin: Colonel
Johnson, B.F.: Co.H
Johnson, Ben: Co.A
Johnson, Cave: 2d Corp., Co.C
Johnson, Cyrus:
Johnson, D.W.: Co.A
Johnson, Elijah C.: Co.E
Johnson, F.B.: Co.B
Johnson, Frank: Co.E
Johnson, George W.: Co.H
Johnson, George W.: Co.G
Johnson, J.M.: Co.C
Johnson, J.W.: Co.I
Johnson, Jacob C.: Co.H
Johnson, James A.: Co.F (Died in prison)
Johnson, James R.: Co.C
Johnson, Joel M.: Co.C
Johnson, Mercer A.: Co.E
Johnson, William Allen: Co.E
Jones, Bill: Co.B
Jones, Finis: Co.B
Jones, Henry S.: 2d Lt., Co.E
Jones, G.H.: Co.E
Jones, J.A.: 2d Sgt., Co.E
Jones, J.H.: Co.E
Jones, J.H.: 1st Sgt., Co.C
Jones, J.M.: Co.C
Jones, M.: Co.C
Jones, P.: Co.B
Jones, Philip B.: 1st Lt. & Adjutant
Jones, T.A.: 4th Sgt., Co.E
Jones, W.S.: Co.B
Jones, Willis H.: Co.A
Justice, N.J.: Co.B




Keach, O.J.: Co.B
Keller, Louis: Co.A
Kelly, C.: Co.H
Kemp, John L.: Co.C (Died in prison)
Kendall (Kendle), T.: Co.E
Kenneday, Matthew: Co.B
Kennett, W.F.: Co.I (KIA)
Kincaid (Kinkead), Jesse: Co.H
King, Theopolis: Co.H
King, Thomas: Co.C

Kinneer, Eli H.: Co.E
Kinneer, John A.: Co.E
Kirby, Benjamin B.: 2d Lt., Co.B
Kirby, William: 1st Lt., Co.B
Kirkwood, Israel P.: Co.D
Knight, Thomas: Corp., Co.B (Died in prison)
Koonce, Andrew Jackson: Co.B
Kurtz, Henry R. (A.R.): Co.E



Lacock, Fred: Co.H
Ladd, Benjamin E.: Co.F
Ladd, James: Co.F
Ladd, Z.: Co.F
Ladell, James: Co.D
Laffoon, James Knox Polk: 2d Lt., Co.I
Laffoon, Lynn Boyd: Co.I
Laffoon, Mark Hardin (H.): 4th Sgt., Co.I
Lamb, Winfield Scott: Co.K
Lancaster, Benjamin F.: Co.E
Lancaster, Nicholas Miles (N.N.): Co.B
Land, Thomas C.: Co.C
Lashbrook, Wesley: Co. B (Died in prison)
Lawson, James Warner: Co.H
Lawson, Patrick: Co.H
Lester, J.B.: Co.B
Lewis, Thomas Sidney: Co.K
Linthicum, E.: Co.B
Locke (Lock), Henry: Co.G
Lockett, James: Co.H
Lockett, John William: Co.H
Lockett, Robert A.: 2d Lt., Co.A
Lockett, William: Co.A

Lockland (Lackland), H.H.: Co.D
Lockland (Lackland), Robert: Co.D
Long, B.M.: 1st Lt., Co.C
Long, James: Co.E
Long, T.: Co.E
Long, William B.: Co.B
Louis, J.: Co.B
Lovan, James D.W.:
Lovan, John E.T.: Co.K
Lowrey, John W.: Co.K, G
Lowrey, Thomas H.B.: Co.C
Loyal, Simeon S.: 1st Corp., Co.H (Died in prison)
Lucas, George W.: Co.C, H
Lucas, Henry:
Luckett, F.D.: Co.E
Luckett (or Lockett), James: Sgt., Co.A (Died in prison)
Luckett, Joseph H.: Co.B (Died in prison)
Lyle, W.R.: Co.I
Lynch, Malachi M.: Co. I
Lynn, Aaron Robert: Co.F
Lynn, Henry Johnson: Co.F
Lynn, James Miller: 3d Sgt., Co.F



McClain, James: Captain, ACS (Drowned in Ohio River)
McClellan, A.: Co.E
McClelland, James: Co.D
McCowan (McCoun), C.L.: Co.A
McCully, Orlean B.: 4th Corp., Co.I
McCulloch, J.B.: Co.F
McGill, J.C.: Co.D
McGraw, John C.: Co.C
McGraw, Thomas J.: 2d Lt., Co.C
McIntyre, Joseph: Co.E
McKay, William:
McKindley, James Joseph: 1st Corp., Co.C
McKinley, Andrew R.: Co.C
McKinley, Jonathan: Co.C
McKinley, T.M.: Co.D
McKinley, William H.: Co.C
McKnight, Daniel M. (D.H.): Co.K (Died in prison)
McKnight, John Jordan Crittenden: 3d Lt., Co.K
McKnight, W.T.: Co.K (Died during war)
McLean, J. Frank: Co.I
McLean, John W.: 2d Lt., Co.E
McLean, Nat. C.: Co.E
McMahon, J.W.: Co.H
McQuiddy, A.: Co.H
McQuigg, Wesley Byron: Co.I



Mabby, Bryan: Co.C
Madden, Patrick: Co.C
Maddin, W.: Co.B (Killed during war)
Maddox, Benjamin W.: Co.K
Madison, William M. "Buck"(B.): Co.A
Mahley, John: Co.C
Magood, William: Co.E
Malloy (Miloy), George: Co.B
Mallure, G.F.C.: Captain, Co.H, G
Mansfield, Thomas J.:
Maratta, Colen: Co.G
Markum, Green: Co.E
Marr, William M.: Captain, Co.B
Marrs, Paul J.: Captain
Marshall, Thomas S.: Co.I
Marshal, William L.: Co.C
Martin (Morton), J.D.: Co.B
Martin, Robert: Co.K
Martin, Robert Maxwell: Lt. Colonel
Mason, Reuben: Co.F
Mason, William: Co.A
Mass, James: Co.C
Masterson, G.W.: Co.B
Masterson, T.: Co.B
Mattingly, Augustus: Co.E
Mattingly, Churchill: Co.G
Mattingly, Francis E.: Co. E
Mattingly, Leonard C.: Co.F
Mattingly, Pious Miles (M.): Co.B
Mefford, Andrew J.: Corp., Co.A (Died in prison)
Melton, Robert Smith: Co.C
Menser, Thomas Lafayette: Co.K
Merriwether, Henry Clay: Captain, Co.H
Metcalf, Cortney: Co.C
Metcalf, Henry: Co.C
Miller, William: Co.C (Died in prison)
Mills, John Tim: Co.G
Mills, Martin: Co.G
Milton, William: Co.I
Mitchell, Bryant L.: Co.F
Mitchell, Edward Hezekiah: Co.H
Mitchell, George W.: Co.D
Mitchell, J.: Co.E
Mitchell, J.H.: Co.H
Mitchell, Samuel D.: Co.I
Mitchell, Silas A.: Co.D
Mitchell, Wiley J.: Co.I
Mitchell, William M.: Co.D
Mitford, C.F.: Co.B
Mobley, D.R.: Co.C
Mobley, J.M.: Co.C
Montgomery, George: Co.I
Montgomery, Matthew C.: Co.D
Moore, Benjamin L.: 1st Corp., Co.D
Moore, James: Co.B
Moore, James M.: Co.C
Moore, James William: Co.H
Moore (More), Morris: Co.I
Moore, R.: Co.F
Moore, William: Co.A
Moore, William: Co.F
Morehead (Moorhead), Enoch: Co.A
Morgan, John S.: 2d Corp., Co.H
Morgan, Thomas B.: Co.H
Morris, James: Co.C
Morris, Jesse C.: Co.E
Morris, M.L. (L.): Co.B
Morrow, Stephen: Co.H
Morse, James M.: Co.C
Morton, John H.: Co.I
Morton, John Dallas: Co.B
Morton, T.: Co.B
Mount (Mounts), William: Co.K
Mulligan, John: Co.A
Mullins, J.H.: Co.E
Mumford, John: Co.E
Munday, James A.: 2d Lt., Co.H
Munion, John: Co.A
Murphy, F.M.: Co.C
Music, Samuel: Co.C
Myers, James M.: Sgt., Co.A (Died in prison)
Myers, Marion: Co.A



Nailer, E.W.: Co.I
Nally, N.: Co.G
Nance, Jeptha G.: Co.I
Naylor, Edward: Co.F
Neal, John: Co.D (Died during war)
Neasbitt, A.G.: Co.C
Neal, Macon R.: Co.C
Neil, J.C.: Co.I
Nelson, M.: Co.C
Nelson, William: Co.I
Nelson, William A.: Co.I
Newman, N.H.: Co.H
Newman, N.M.: Co.H
Newman, Richard L.: Co.H
Newman, T.W.: Co.H
Newton, Benjamin F.: 1st Sgt., Co.I
Nichols, D.: Co.B
Nichols, Redrick Preston: Co.C
Nichols, William Murray: Co.K
Noaks (Nokes), Jonas: Co.H, A
Northcut, William W.: Co.C
Norris, Joseph S.: Co.H



O'Brient, Charles: Co.A
Oates, George M.: Co.I
Oates, James M.: Co.I
Oates, William A.: Co.I
Oats, Jason:
O'Bannon, C.S. (C.G.): Co.H
Oglin, William: Co.A
Oldhan, David H.: Co.I (Died in prison)
Oldham, William:
Omer, Thomas D.: Co.D
Omer, Daniel Thomas: 3d Lt., Co.D
O'Nan, Lee D.: Co.C
Orange, T.: Co.B
Orsburn, Hardin N.: Co.C (Died during war)
Orsburn, J.H.: Co.C
Orsburn, Randolph H.: Co.C
Orsburn, Randolph M.: Co.C
Orsburn, Vincent: Co.B
Osburn, J.D.: Co.A
Owen, B.: Co.A
Owen, Francis Amplius "Frank": 2d Lt., Co.C
Owen, Washington G.: Major



Pagan, Charles C.: Co.E
Painter, William M.: Co.E
Parks, Francis M.: Co.B
Parish, William: Co.C
Parker, J.H.: Co.B
Parker, John Calvin: Co.H
Parker, N.S.: Co.B
Parker, R.L.: Co.H
Parker, T.: Co.B
Parks, Francis M.: Co.B
Parks, Nathan J.: Co.B
Pasteur, Francis Arthur "Frank": Sgt. Major, Co.K
Patterson, Lucius E.: Co.G
Payton, William: Co.K
Peeters, T.A.: Co.K
Peggins, C.: Co.E
Pegorson, Polk: Co.K
Pemburry, R.: Co.B
Pence, William H.: 2d Corp., Co.H
Pendry, Richard: Co.E (Died in prison)
Pennington, Francis Marion "Frank": Co.A
Pennington, J.T.: Co.A (Died in prison)
Pentecost, Benjamin F.: Co.G
Perdue, W. Henry: 4th Sgt., Co.B
Perkins, Ben F.: Co.D
Perkins, John W.: Co.D
Perrine, A.M.: Ord. Sgt., Co.F
Peters, D.M.: Co.D
Peters, G.W.: Co.D
Peters, J.H.: Co.D
Peters, S.N., Jr.: Co.D
Phillips, John R.:
Phillips, R.E.: Co.C
Pierson, Alexander: Co.G
Pierson, Thomas B.: 2d Lt., Co.C

Pirtle, Elijah S.: Co.B
Pirtle, Isham (J.): Co.B
Pirtle, J.B.: Co.B
Pirtle, John C.: Co.B
Pitts, T.L.: Co.C
Pierson, Alexander: Co.G
Pierson, Thomas B.: 2d Lt., Co.C
Pirtle, Elijah S.: Co.B
Pirtle, Isham (J.): Co.B
Pirtle, J.B.: Co.B
Pirtle, John C.: Co.B
Pitts, T.L.: Co.C
Poe, John: Co.D
Porter, Ephraim J.: Co.I, B
Porter, George: Surgeon
Potts, Columbus: Co.D, B
Powell, Baxter: Co.G
Powell, Fred: Co.H, Co.F
Prather, S.: Co.A
Prather, Stephen A.: 2d Sgt., Co.A
Prewitt, James R.: Co.A
Price, Charles: Co.I
Price, M.: Co.I
Priest, Bazilia E. (E.): Co.A
Priest, Cortez (Carter) R.: Co.A
Prince, Albert R.: 1st Lt., Co.K
Pritchett, G.W.: Co.A
Pritchett, John: Co.E, Co.G
Prow, John E.: Captain, Co.C
Prow, John E., Jr.: Co.C (Died during war)
Prow, Martin Van Buren: 2d Lt., Co.C
Prow, William: Co.C
Puckett, John C.: Co.B
Puddle, Isham: Co.H
Pugh, W.: Co.B
Puryear, John R.: Co.I



Quarles, Thomas: Co.C
Querry, Morton: Co.C
Query, Thomas: Co.C
Query, William: Co.C
Quick, John A.: Corp., Co.H
Quigley, Robert: Co.F (Died in prison)
Quinn, James C.: Co.H, F
Quinn, William A.: Captain, Co.F
Quitrell, J.: Co.E



Radford, R.R.: Co.I
Raiborne (Reburn), C.: Co.F
Ray, Andrew W.: Captain, Co.A
Ray, Hiram W.: Co.I
Ray, Jack: Co.I
Ray, John M.J.: 4th Sgt., Co.A
Ray, William: Co.F
Reasor (Resor), Reuben: 2d Corp., Co.D
Redford, Benjamin C.: Assistant Surgeon
Reed, H.D.: Co.B
Reed, H.R.: Co.E
Reed, James A.: Co.B
Reese, Henry: Co.B
Regan, C.: Co.E
Reynolds, Andrew J.: 1st Sgt., Co.A
Reynolds, Levi G.: Co.D
Rhea, Henry Wesley: Co.A
Rheams, F.R.: Co.A
Rhodes, Charles J.: Co.E
Rhodes, J.L.: Co.E
Rhodes, Wyley: Co.B
Rhyan, John: Co.C
Rice, James: Co.D
Rice, N.N.: Co.C
Rich, Obadiah B.: Co.C
Richardson, Alfred: Captain, Co.F
Richardson, G.D.: Co.E
Richardson, Henry: Co.F
Riddle, James: Co.F

Riddle, T.: Co.E
Ridell, Frederick C.: Captain, Co.E
Riley, M.: Co.F (Died during war)
Ritter, Obadiah: Co.C
Roach, John: Co.E (Died during war)
Roark, John A.: Co.I, A
Robbins, J.L.: Co.H
Roberts, G.F.: Co.B (KIA)
Roberts, John A.: Co.E
Robertson, B.: Co.A
Robertson, Charles J.: Sgt. Major, Co.I
Robertson, James Harrison: Co.K
Robertson, Joseph: Co.I
Robertson, P.D.: Co.C
Robertson, T.: 3d Corp., Co.E
Robertson, W.S.: Co.D
Robey (Roby), John Wesley: 2d Sgt., Co.A, F
Robinson, Benovice D.: Co.C
Robinson, Charles: Co.I
Robinson, George: Co.A
Robinson, J.M.: Co.D
Roe, David: Co.C (Died in prison)
Rollins, Ed: Co.B
Rose, John: Co.B
Ross, F.: Co.H (Killed during war)
Rouch, John: Co.F
Rudd, George Washington: Co.D
Rumage, J.B.: Co.E
Rust, Lemuel T.: Co.A, C
Ryle, William H.: Co.C (Died in prison)



Sale, James S.: 1st Lt., Co.E
Sandefur, A.D.: Co.E
Sandefur, A.H.: Co.B
Sandefur, Archibald: Co.G
Sandefur, Philo: Co.G
Sandefur, T.: Co.B
Sandefur, T.H.: Co.B
Sanders, Leonidas J.: Co.D
Sands, James: Co.E
Sanford, Thomas:
Sayers, Louis W.: Co.A
Sayers, William C.: Co.A
Scales, Thomas H.: 3d Lt.
Scearce, Daniel: 1st Sgt., Co.D
Schimmel, Louis: 3d Lt., Co.F
Scott, C.M.: Co.A
Scott, George R.: Co.K (Died in prison)
Scott, Hubbard L.: Co.K
Scott, W.H.: Co.K (Died in prison)
Scroggin (Scrogger), Warner D.: Co.E
Seaton, William D.: Co.A
Sebree, Joseph N.: Co.H
Self, John B.: Co.K
Self, William M.: Co.K
Sellers, Louis: Co.A
Shanks, John J.: Co.E
Sharp, Harry: Assistant Quartermaster
Sharred, William: Co.H
Sheets, James D.: Co.B (Died in prison)
Sheets, Orlando: Co.B
Shelton, William: Co.C
Sherry, J.: Co.B
Shields, Alexander T.: Co.C
Shirley, John T.: Co.B (Died in prison)
Sigers, William Harvey: Co.A
Sights, Achilles B.: Co.G
Sights, John David: Co.G
Sights, Leonard B.: Co.G
Simmermun, T.: Co.H
Simms, John Lewis: Co.I
Simpson, J.M.: Co.C
Simpson, John: Co.C
Sincoe (Simcoe), Rupert: Co.E
Sisk, Barney: Co.I
Sisk, Milan M.: 2d Sgt., Co.I (Died in prison)
Sizemore, James: Co.A
Slaton, A.: Co.A
Slaton (Slayton), Joseph Board: Co.I
Slaton, Thomas J.: Co.D
Slaton, William Demarcus: Co.A
Sledge, A.D.: Co.H
Small, Jerry Y.: Co.A
Smalley, Alfred:
Smith, ---: Co.E
Smith, Adam: Co.D
Smith, B.F.: Co.C
Smith, Benjamin: Co.B
Smith, C.A.: Co.A
Smith, Charles: Co.F
Smith, Charles H.: Co.E
Smith, Doc: Co.B
Smith, George W.: 3d Corp., Co.B
Smith, Holden: Co.C
Smith, James Polk: Co.C
Smith, John: Co.A
Smith, John Crittenden: Co.C
Smith, W.F.: Co.E
Smithson, John: Co.B
Smock, John: Co.D
Snider, G.G.: Co.C
Snodgrass, David: Co.C
Son, Cassius J.: Co.A
Southard, K.: Co.I
Spalding, Edward Martin: Co.F
Spatchel, John: Co.B
Spencer, George: Co.A
Spercel, John: Co.D
Spidal, R.S.: Co.A
Spidell, J.M.: Co.A
Spinney, George W.: Co.A
Spirey, William: Co.I
Squires, Evan: Co.E
Stafford, J.: Co.F
Stallions, George W.: Co.C
Stallings (Stalions), George W.: Co.D
Stallins (Stallion), Joshua M.: Co.K
Stalls, Joseph: 1st Corp., Co.B
Staples, George A.: Co.F
Stallings (Stalions), George W.: Co.D
Stephens, Michael: Co.C
Stern, M.B.: Co.F
Stewart, George Washington: Co.E
Stewart, J.P.: Co.E
Stewart, John: Co.F
Stiles, William: 2d Lt.
Stodghill, Daniel David: Co.A
Stofield, Fredrick: Co.E
Stone, A.L.:
Stone, J.W.: Co.D
Stone, Jasper: Co.D
Stone, William J.: Co.D
Stovall, B.M. (D.M.): Co.K
Stovall, Frederick: Co.E
Strong, M.B.: Co.F
Stubblefield, D.: Co.A
Sumner, S.:
Sutton, John T. (J.S.): Co.E
Sutton, S.B.: Co.A
Sutton, William: Co.A
Swingle (Singleton?), Henry F.: Co.D (Died in prison)
Swope, D. Montgomery: 1st Lt., Co.A



Talbot, Garrett: Co.C
Tally, A.W.: Co.C
Tapley, John: Co.K
Tapp, Jesse A.: 3d Corp., Co.I
Tapp, John Calvin: Co.C, B
Taylor, Benjamin Wilson: 3d Corp., Co.E
Taylor, David H.: Co.B
Taylor, James N.: Captain, Co.G
Taylor, Joseph W.: Co.D
Taylor, Livingston G.: Co.B
Taylor, Richard: Co.D
Taylor, Robert W.: 1st Sgt., Co.E
Taylor, Samuel Burk: Captain, Co.E
Taylor, Thomas: Co.I
Teare (Tearce), William: Co.E, F
Tetherington, R.M.: Surgeon, Co.C
Thixton (Thirston), W.K.: 3d Corp., Co.E
Thomas, G.W.: Co.G
Thomas, George Stewart:
Thomas, J.N.: Co.A
Thomas, John: Co.D
Thomas, Philip W.: Co.G

Thompson, James: Co.A
Thompson, John: 2d Lt., Co.D
Thompson, P.: Co.A
Thompson, W.A.: Co.D
Thornton, B.C.: Sgt.
Threlkeld, N.H. (W.H.?): Co.D, A
Thurman, Parker N.: Co.C
Thurmond, Israel S. (J.): Co.C
Thurmond, William R.: Co.H
Timmons, Polk: Co.I
Tippett, C.C.: Co.A
Tippett, J. Hinton: Co.A
Todd, O.C.: Co.I
Todd, Thomas J.: Co.E
Townsend, Abner W.: Co.A
Trader, Absolom W.: Co.C
Trafton, Lucas William: Adjutant, Co.H
Trimble, Thomas: Co.H
Trumbo, Oliver Cromwell: Co.F
Trusty, William M.: Co.K
Turpin, John: 2d Corp., Co.B



Underwood, H.: Co.B
Utley, A.: Co.K
Utley, M.: Co.D



Vandiver, Lafayette: Co.F
Vanzant, Joseph: Co.H
Vaughn, B.F.: Co.C
Vaughn, Benjamin D.: Co.C
Vaughn, Henry: Co.C
Vaughn, J.D.: Co.C
Vaughn, J.W.: Co.C
Vaughn, Jesse S.: Co.

Veal, William Thomas: Co.K
Veazey, N.: Co.A (Died in prison)
Vest, Hiram: Co.G
Vidito, J.: Co.E
Viditoe, G.T.: Co.B
Viditoe, J.H.: Co.B
Vincell, James H. (H.): Co.E
Wade, Daniel: Co.D
Waid, John H.:
Walker, Andrew J.: Co.C
Walker, A.R.: Co.I
Walker, George W.: Co.C
Walker, J.E.: Co.I
Walker, J.R.: Co.D
Walker, Joseph Conlyn: Co.I, B
Wall, John H.: 1st Lt.
Wall, Louis: Co.C
Wall, Samuel G.: Captain, Co.C (KIA)
Wallace, E.: 1st Corp., Co.C
Wallace, James: Co.C
Wallace, Robert: Co.F
Waller, Aaron:
Waller, Robert Aaron: Co.F
Wally, Henry: Co.G
Ward, J.A.: Co.A
Ward, John J.: Co.A (KIA)
Warren, James A.: Co.A
Waskum, James: Co.C (Died in prison)
Wathen, J.: Co.F
Wathen, William V.: Co.F (Died in prison)
Watkins, James W.: Co.B
Watson, James H.: Co.E, A
Watson, William Young: 3d Lt., Co.A
Webb, James: Co.I
Webber, ---: Co.E
Weir, B.R.: Orderly Sgt., Co.C (Died in prison)
Welch, D.C.: Co.B
Weldon, T.: Co.A
Wells, W.E.: Co.C
Wethers, H.: Co.C
Wheatcroft, James B.: Co.C
Wheeler, Edna: Co.C
White, Benjamin: 2d Lt., Co.K
White, Brantley: Co.B
White, David: Co.K
White, John D.: Co.A
White, Theodore S.: 1st Lt., Co.E
White, Wilmer R.: Co.A
Whitecotton, George: Co.D
Whitfield, Joseph W.: Co.I
Whitley, Jessie: Co.A
Wicks, George E. (J.E.): Co.I (Died in prison)
Wicks, Joseph T.: Co.I
Wilburn, John D.: Co.G
Wilhelm, F.: Co.H
Wilkerson, John: Co.A
Wilkins, Cyrus A.: Co.B (Died in prison)
Williams, F.: Co.H
Williams, Henezy: Co.B, D
Williams, L.W.: Co.K
Williams, Richard: Co.B
Williams, W.S.: Co.B
Williams, William: Co.B
Williams, William: Co.C
Williams, William C.: Co.G
Willing, A.: Co.G
Willingham, A. Jackson: Co.B
Willingham, Alvin Jefferson: Co.B
Willingham, H.D.: Co.B
Willingham, Robert C.: Co.B
Wilson, A.: Co.A (KIA)
Wilson, E.: Co.A
Wilson, S.L.: Co.B (KIA)
Wilson, Wyatt J.: Co.G Sgt.
Wingo (Wingold), Robert Thomas: Co.I
Winstead, Manley B.: Captain
Wise, B.R.: Sgt., Co.C
Wise, C. Columbus: Co.C
Wise, Martin V.:
Wise, W.T.:
Withers, Samuel B.: 4th Sgt., Co.C
Wood, Charles: Co.F
Wood, Charles T.: Co.H
Wood, W.T.: Co.D
Woodard, Thomas H.: Co.A
Woodburn, William W.: Co.B
Woods, Charles E.: Co.H
Woods, R.W.: Co.A
Woodward, J.M.: Co.A
Woolfolk, George W.: Co.H
Woolfolk, John B.: Co.I
Woolfolk, Sherwood Hicks: 2d Lt., Co.I
Woolums, Theodore: Co.E
Wright, David Crockett: 4th Corp., Co.K
Wright, Franklin M.: Co.E (Died in prison)
Wright, George: Co.A
Wyrick, John D.: Co.E



Yager, James P.: Co.C
Yarber (Yarbrough?), Calvin: Co.E
Yarber (Yarbrough?), J.M.: Co.A
Yarbrough, C.: Co.A
Yates, William: Co.F
Yates, William M.: Co.K
Yeiser, A.R.: Co.E
Young, Joseph O.: Co.D
Young, Roger T.: Co.C, F
Contributed by Stephen D. Lynn
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